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I guess it's 6 for me too.I use the speakers during the day,and the phones at night.But i probably listen to the phones more that the speakers,saves me hearing everything that her indoors is saying..
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Gosh...I'm at 8.
Something very similar happened to me, but they were initials of a friend.
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5. I love the Quads.
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I'm a clear 8, right now, anyway. Man... haven't had an EKG in a long time, but I do have my fair share of headphone-related dreams... every night.
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5 is actually 100% perfect in explaining how headphones are in my life, i don't spend insane money on it because there are far better things to spend it on in my life.

My music is far more important than my headphones, give me a choice of headphones vs music and ill listen to speakers for the rest of my life . I guess you could call headphones a means to an end for me.
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I'd say I'm between a 7 and an 8.
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About a 6 for me. Getting a nice set of 'phones started as a means to an end, but i have since discovered that they can offer a unique and brilliant listening experience.
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6 is the most accurate offered description, but I prefer headphones whenever I don't have company. For my listening style they are better in every way.

Gear will never be higher than 6, but music is always 10 in my life.
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I'm a 6 headed for 7 - some music begs for headphones - some for speakers.
But I get yelled at for all my speakers, not headphones, but that may be changing too
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same here - between 6 and 7 (more 7) - i love hearinh through headphones, but mostly its the radio playing in the background
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EKG.... AKG... EKG....
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There should be another option that is 5-10. I would pick all of those, well maybe not 10 because I don't have a house lol.
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Damn, I voted 4. I'm such a noob.
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7 but it's not a signifigant other, it's my parents (im 17)

i get the "don't you already have a pair of headphones?" line
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I voted 9 because it is pretty much true although I would question the use of the word "investment". Although 7 certainly applies to me as well. Actually my wife is pretty much the only reason that I haven't spent more. Which is probably a good thing!
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