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How obsessed are you with headphones?

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Should be a funny read.........

How would you rank your obsession with headphones?

1 - I don't listen to headphones. I come on to head-fi to laugh at people obsessed with headphones.

2 - If I never spent another minute with headphones it would not be noticed, I really don't care so much but they're a nice accessory to use sometimes.

3 - I don't really use headphones except when on the go with my portable player, they're important to me for that reason

4 - I have one pair of headphones which I consider to be very good but really I don't spend much time listening to it

5 - I like to recline with headphones sometimes and just zone out from the world around me, but when I really want to appreciate music I listen to speakers

6 - I really enjoy headphones and use them as much or more than I do speakers.

7 - I often get yelled at by my significant other for my excessive headphone collection.

8 - When I went the doctor for an EKG, I accidentally thought of the K1000s for a moment :-)

9 - Any extra money I have gets invested in headphone related gear.

10 - If I had to sell my house and live on the street I'd be able to live as long as I had a a headphone and portable amp / player.
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As far as listening habits go, 6. It'd probably be higher if I had more or better headphones.

But actual interest in headphones is probably up in the 9 or 10. I come here several times a day just to read up on headphones and amps and stuff. I do very little discussing since I've only owned one decent pair of headphones in my life.
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7 - Not so much yelling as "the look"
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7- but no yelling...just a smile and some sort of comment on my sanity. :P
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#6 seems to be the most fitting for me.
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#6, but I don't own speakers
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It's more about the music than the gear, and my headphones are better than my speakers
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#6 seems about right about my obsession. I tend to use my Logitech 5.1 +subwoofer speakers for movies when I'm alone in the house, otherwise, i use the dt880's for mostly everything else.
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Gah I am mainstream 6 here as well. would probably be 7 if I actually had a girl friend or room mate or anything that want to socialize.
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When the world ends in 2012, I'll be listening to music while we all go out. If i am to die, I am going out in style. I'll be happy i paid that extra $ for noise canceling headphones when the meteors hit and explosions are going off all around me, people screaming
morbid I know, but very true...ive just got to decide which ones to use when it all goes to hell.
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i gave myself a 6 on your scale, but if youd just said a scale of 10, with 10 being most obsessed i would have given myself a 7.5, im loving my JH-13's!! though i still think they could fit better :/
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Well I'm 7 - definetely. My GF used to yelled at me/ bite me when I had more than 10 pairs. Now I'm hiding them or selling
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Went with 6 as I balance my listening between headphones and speakers, but headphones come in real handy with kids in the house
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6 seems to be my number, although I greatly prefer my speaker rig, I enjoy headphones a lot!
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I prefer the sound of loudspeaker listening, overall. The sound interacts with the room just a bit to give the impression of the music being in the room or me being in the recording space. I get both the feel of air and room being moved a bit, too, so I feel the sound as well as hear it. Furthermore, I like having some distance from the music at the same time.

On the other hand, there is certainly an intimacy I get with listening to music through headphones. Unfortunately, the poll above doesn't have an answer which accurately represents how I use the headphones, which is mostly later at night. '5' is the closest to my own usage.
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