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Klipsch S4: E1, E3 or E5?

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Hello, I am going to be purchasing the S4s, and I get to choose which Fiio amp comes with it. Which one should I get? I will be using it with my iPod Touch 2G. I listen to most types of music except electronica/dance/techno.

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E1. No point in having an E3 or E5 unless you have an LOD.
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What's an "LOD"?
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A Line Out Dock, it takes the audio out of the USB port at the bottom of your iPod. An E1 is a LOD and amp combined.

This is a Fiio E1

This is a Fiio E5 combined with a FiiO L1 LOD.
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Oh I see, thanks for finding those pictures. Do you think it's worth it if I order the E5 and then order a separate LOD afterwards?
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I suppose it could be. I have an E1 and I found the in-line controls to be quite inconvenient as they are always getting pressed accidentally. The cable is also way too long, and it uses up the iPod's battery unlike the E5.

An L1 costs <$10 so if you don't mind the extra money I would take that option.
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I just watched a review of the E5 and it was showing it connected via headphone hack to the iPod. Does using an LOD simply make it sound better or something else?
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You can connect the E5 to your headphone jack but that's amplifying an already amplified signal, which is a bit redundant. The sound from a 2G's HP-out isn't the greatest so I wouldn't recommend it.
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Huh. Okay. Well I'm pretty much sold for the E1 but one last question... will this E1 actually make a difference in SQ with my S4s? I just found the S4s for 20$ cheaper on jr.com, so now I guess I'm pretty much buying this amp instead of getting it in a deal.
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I don't know about with the S4s, but it made a dramatic difference with my TF10s. The iPt probably has better SQ than my iPod 5G though.
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I just received my E1 today, and I notice a fair improvement with it and my IE8s, much to my surprise.

I had an E3 in the past and I didn't like it at all. I thought I would try the E1 since I hear it's much better and I kind of need tactile buttons. I'm happy to say that with my listening so far, I don't regret the purchase at all and I like it quite a bit (except for the length of the cable; it's way too long). Be careful that if you have a case, the E1 may not sit in all the way. I'm gonna have to do some slight modding to my case sometime in the near future.
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My E1 does not fit in flush either, and I don't use a case.
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Yes, mine isn't in completely either now that I removed the case but here is a picture of what i meant before.

I hope it's clear this time.
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The iPod USB cable fits just fine with my case, does that mean the Fiio will fit ok? Or is it bigger for some reason?
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I have an E1 on the way to use with my Iphone 3gS and my UM custom Mage. For the price ive heard great things so i couldnt see going wrong.
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