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I asked plusSound about the recabling, while it is possible, they charged a high price ($100 for recabling) which I did not find too compelling, even if I love the ATH-CK10 to death. Sure, they're a high quality cable maker but I can't help but think that costing $100usd just to recable, and it doesn't even include the cable, you'd have to buy a separate one, was too much.

Feel free to share some other 3rd party headphone/earphone modding company or person that you know would have a better price.

Check with BTG Audio.
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Originally Posted by stuartfang View Post

the right side of my CK10s were starting to sound dimmer and more spaced out compared to the left, so I thought maybe the drivers were finally deteriorating and dying after long hard 5 years of service. Nope! turns out that the filter was so dirty it was blocking up sound. I replaced said filter with the green Etymotic ones that came with my hf5 (which I bought as a replacement for the CK10s, they're not bad but certainly not on par), it fits perfectly and I can hear no penalty or difference in the SQ. Gonna leave the left one for now as it still works fine.

Very glad to have revived my all-time and probably forever favourite IEMs.

Oh and I strongly advise against trying to clean and reuse the original metal filters. It's a filter of minute precision. The more you clean it the dirtier it gets.

I did the same thing I put the green etymotic filters in the ck10. How would you compare the sound compared to the original filters?
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Managed to get an almost brand new pair. :D



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Just how much weathered can my ATH-CK10 get??? The right housing cap just fell off by itself suddenly...


But hey, guess what? Still sounds amazing!

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well, time to sell my ck10 as i need to fund my next custom purchase (at 1200 euros :p )


mint condition , look and work like new (as they were never my main iem)



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