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I asked plusSound about the recabling, while it is possible, they charged a high price ($100 for recabling) which I did not find too compelling, even if I love the ATH-CK10 to death. Sure, they're a high quality cable maker but I can't help but think that costing $100usd just to recable, and it doesn't even include the cable, you'd have to buy a separate one, was too much.

Feel free to share some other 3rd party headphone/earphone modding company or person that you know would have a better price.

Check with BTG Audio.
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Originally Posted by stuartfang View Post

the right side of my CK10s were starting to sound dimmer and more spaced out compared to the left, so I thought maybe the drivers were finally deteriorating and dying after long hard 5 years of service. Nope! turns out that the filter was so dirty it was blocking up sound. I replaced said filter with the green Etymotic ones that came with my hf5 (which I bought as a replacement for the CK10s, they're not bad but certainly not on par), it fits perfectly and I can hear no penalty or difference in the SQ. Gonna leave the left one for now as it still works fine.

Very glad to have revived my all-time and probably forever favourite IEMs.

Oh and I strongly advise against trying to clean and reuse the original metal filters. It's a filter of minute precision. The more you clean it the dirtier it gets.

I did the same thing I put the green etymotic filters in the ck10. How would you compare the sound compared to the original filters?
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Managed to get an almost brand new pair. :D



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Just how much weathered can my ATH-CK10 get??? The right housing cap just fell off by itself suddenly...


But hey, guess what? Still sounds amazing!

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well, time to sell my ck10 as i need to fund my next custom purchase (at 1200 euros :p )


mint condition , look and work like new (as they were never my main iem)

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Hey, guys. Do any CK10 users have recommendations for current IEM's that can rival/surpass the CK10 in terms of imaging, instrument separation, etc? I am a professional gamer and am looking to switch away from full sized over ear headphones in favor of IEM's (the actual soundstage size isn't what's important for competitive gaming, but rather how detailed and accurately placed the individual sounds are within that specific soundstage). I previously used the Etymotic HF5, but unfortunately they've since broken on me. I was considering an upgrade to the ER4SR, but have read that IEM's like the CK10 surpass the Etymotic's in terms of pure 3D placement / imaging. Are there any readily available IEM's today that can be a successor to the CK10, in this regard? One final note, (as picky as it may sound) I need an IEM that can be worn straight down, as over the ear designs will not work for my setup requirements. Thanks in advance for any help!

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I bought the ATH IM 02s and like them better then the CK 10s. I think you would like them, lots of detail, bigger Soundstage than the CK10s.
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Originally Posted by vorlon1 View Post

I bought the ATH IM 02s and like them better then the CK 10s. I think you would like them, lots of detail, bigger Soundstage than the CK10s.

Thanks for the suggestion! My only concern with a lot of the ATH IEM's is that they seem to be worn mostly over ear, when instead I need something that is worn cable down. Do you feel the positional accuracy of the multi-driver BA (TWFK, etc.) IEM's are better than that of the Ety's? Just looking for an IEM with the best positional accuracy, cable down, around / under $300... that is readily available in 2017. Thank you again!

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You might try a pair of Ortofon EQ 7s. I used them for years and they are excellent and also the cables hang straight down. I still have a pair of Etys but don't use them anymore.
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