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I dont think AT sell faceplate alone
mine has got scratched a lot, and has anyone encounter this, but the rubber part where the cord goes in the housing tore up. Maybe I push the chin slider too tight?
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I bought a ck10 last week. It's interesting to see how much important to fit these phones correctly. My ex earphone was Phonak Pfe and it was almost impossible to fit them wrong. But ck10 is a different beast. I finaly get correct fit with pfe large tips suprisingly because I never could put them into my ears with pfe. It looks like ck10's housing and bore desing changing things some how. My brain is still burning for this new sound signature but I can say, I enjoyed it already.

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Good for you! biggrin.gif

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just got my ck10... how do you guys fit the shure triflanges onto them O: any tips?

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So tempted to get these, again.

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AcessoryJack seems to be out of stock, what's the best place to buy these from now?

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Just order a pair of these...

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I was always tempted by these, but got some real good deals on the CK7s (3 times no less!) so I went for those. Loved those and I hear these are even better; just can't justify the spend!

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I'm traveling in Japan and saw this, it has always been on my list of "most wanted" IEMs
It seems that this thing is quite hard to find now in other places than Japan. It's ¥20100 so it doesn't all that expensive so I bought it.
And I'm really impressed. I coupled it up with some Sony Hybrids an it's even better biggrin.gif
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How much is 20k yen?

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Having tried to find a good deal on CK10s I finally pulled the trigger on W4Rs and I am extremely happy. 

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Originally Posted by KimChee View Post

How much is 20k yen?

Around $250USD


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Originally Posted by Reomero View Post

Originally Posted by KimChee View Post

How much is 20k yen?

Around $250USD


Yea... Yens are quite expensive these days. =_=
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The CK10 is an amazing sounding IEM once you get a good fit that touches the ear's 2nd bend. Problem is it's design, based on that it seems that a shallow insertion is all you need. The nozzle is too short and a bit too thick, so you have to make up for that. I get decent results with Shure Olives that are inserted only slightly on the nozzle to maintain a good length, but Ety triflanges will also be a good match. When you don't do these things, you get that metallic timbre some users complain about as the bass looses a lot of rumble and emphasis and a 7-10k spike takes it's toll. 


Bass rumble and extension is very surprising.


Treble is slightly boosted but not that offensive. Siblilants aren't masked but are somehow not that sharp despite their presence. EX1000's sibilant's are slightly sharper in comparison. Imaging is probably the best I've ever heard and it's now fully appreciated with a good fit, an astounding soundstage realism with binaural recordings. 

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