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I tried out a bunch of different tips, yet found myself going back to the originals -they seal really well for me!  I guess I'm lucky.

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Ok, I am finally part of the CK10 owners club since two days and I am really not disappointed so far. =)


Funny that despite having read so many comments about how really small they are I still got surprised when I received them.

And about that I was wondering... how people pull them back ? By pulling the cord or trying to catch the shells ?


The strain reliefs seem solid, but I still have some kind of apprehension of pulling the cord but the shells are so hard to catch.

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This is a major flaw with the CK10s, I wouldn't recommend pulling on the cable because the strain reliefs will eventually loose grip on the cable and expose the wiring. Pulling on the cable in general isn't a good idea for any iem, I only do it with the EQ5s because they have some sort of mechanism that protects it but even then I will try to grab the housing once in a while. Catching the housing is indeed tedious and hard, I personally had success pushing the housing to a twist in order to get it a bit loose in order to get a more comfortable catch. It's tedious either way, but this method helped my finger tips : ).  

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you grab the rubber that acts as a strain relief, not the actual cable...

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Well that also has it's complications, trying to reach the housing isn't the easiest but it's also the safest. But if you also need to take them off your ears faster than usual you can do a little pulling on the strain relief and grab the housing afterwards but make the pulling gentle and slow. 

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How do you guys figure out L/R ear when you listen in the dark? I wish there was a little bump or something I could just feel for.

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Well just feel the titanium facing outwards. 

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To remove them I gently pull from the strain reliefs, closer to the housing where the rubber is thicker.

If you look back some pages you'll find a pic where someone put two color coded strips of tape around the strain reliefs to differentiate left/right(blue/red).
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well, i've been pulling by the strain reliefs for over a year now, and they're still working great.  the reliefs are part of the rubber that encases the actual body so they're structurally sound.  unless you have gargantuan fingers, its rather easy to reach them.

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Isn't the shape the biggest differentiator? I mean wearing over the can easily tell which one is the left or right piece just by feeling the shape of the pieces..and in this case the metal side would be on the outside. I think I rarely use the R/L indicator on the earphones.

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How do you guys figure out L/R ear when you listen in the dark? I wish there was a little bump or something I could just feel for.


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is this a good IEM for rock/alternative songs?


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i only really enjoy listening to rock with the ck10s when amped, to me it lacks the "oomph" straight from the hpo from all my sources.


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Can these still be found? At a reasonable price?
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thanks for the reply happybuns


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$250 at accessory jack is the cheapest and best place to buy atm. Or maybe used ones around $200-220 ish.

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Can these still be found? At a reasonable price?


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