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New Beyerdynamic flagship T1 Tesla

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Beyerdynamic confirmed that the new T1 first shipment should be in February. We still have good allocation for the pre-orders placed and future orders as we were able to adjust our own order size with Beyerdynamic.
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Is the current price for preorder only?
Or will it remain the same once you have stock?
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Originally Posted by MrGreen View Post
Is the current price for preorder only?
Or will it remain the same once you have stock?
For now, that is the price. I really don't know if there will be any changes after that.
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The first T1 shipment is en route to us right now and we still have 3 units left available from our pre-order list. It shouldn't last much longer once we update our availability so I thought of giving the Head-fiers a heads up.
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Great! Can't wait for my shipping notice!
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Not sure we are getting all of our first shipment as the weight shown by UPS didn't seem enough for all the units we were supposed to get. Will find out from Beyerdynamic on Monday if we are getting a partial shipment...
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Not so great news from Beyerdynamic...

They are only shipping 10% of our original opening order.

The reason? They told us Germany only shipped them a small fraction of their master order.

Sorry about that, but it looks like that if your pre-order is not from October, we should not be able to fulfill it tomorrow.

I know this is frustrating but believe me, it's even more frustrating for us and I'm sure for Beyerdynamic US.
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Any idea when is their next shipment? I hope its not 10% each time..
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We fulfilled a handful of T1 Tesla pre-orders that were placed in October.

I spoke with Beyerdynamic yesterday and this morning as well and they told us we should be getting the next shipment "soon".

They also told us that the success of the T1 bested their most optimistic forecast.

I personally just got a glance at the metal cases. 6 pounds of fun and excitement. They came through UPS through one door and went out the other via FedEx to our customers in a little less than 15 minutes

So if anyone of you are the few lucky ones that we shipped the T1 last Tuesday, please post a review on your first impressions as well as your in-depth review of the T1

Remember, the free HD800 contest for the best headphone review will end soon

At any rate, I'm sure the T1 will be at the very top of my favorite full-size headphones along with the Edition 8. Beyerdynamic's comfort is pretty much unbeatable and for me that's very important. If it indeed delivers more punch in the lows than the HD800, and according to the first impressions, this should be a big hit.

For those on our pre-order list, we appreciate your business and your patience.

Beyerdynamic reiterated their commitment to bring this waiting to a minimum and they are doing their best to get their next shipment from Germany as fast as they possibly can.

We will keep you all updated.
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for warranty purposes, if i buy a T1 from earphonesolutions.com am i covered? or do i have to buy it from headphonesolutions.com
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Earphone Solutions and Headphone Solutions are operated by the same parent company so the answer is YES for everything purchased on either one of our websites, you are fully covered under the manufacturers' warranties.
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Our third shipment arrived yesterday and they are in transit to our customers.

We are receiving small, but more frequent shipments so we should catch up with our waiting list soon.
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Yes, I got my confirmation yesterday about my headphones being shipped. I'm very excited about receiving them on Thursday and will definitely post impressions. This was a great surprise since I wasn't expecting to receive the T1's for another month or so.
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congrats. im still waiting but im just glad the line is moving now!
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