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I'd be happy to go a little further ( I'm South London ) if it meant more people would come along. Mildly surprised there hasn't been more interest tbh.

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Originally Posted by EddieE View Post
@ musicday - I'm actually from Croydon orginally (small world) I live in Norbury at the moment so not very far away at all, but I'd be worried organising something that far south would close it off to people in the west, east and north.

We could try and make it somewhere near a major station maybe?

Actually it's not hard to get to the square mile from London Bridge or Cannon Street if that helps?

@ PZ4 - Cool, would love to see what the balanced hype is all about if you're up for bringing some gear along. I could bring my unbalanced HD650s and we could compare the difference.

Actually, in terms of what I can bring, well as you can probably see from my sig I have mostlly "obvious" stuff that most people will have heard. Hopefully I'll make up for that with organising it.
Eddie E,i think i allready know you from Iaudiophile is that right?I have been there for quite a long time,anyway i cannot make it to London at the moment sorry about that.Maybe next time when i will have time.Anyway,enjoy your music till then.
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@ Sgt. Pluck - Well if momentum continues building I'm sure more will come out of the wood work. Hopefully

@ Musicday - Yeah it's the same EddieE as iaudiophile Shame you couldn't make it to London, but yeah hopefully next time
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I'm in! I've missed the meeting you had on December, but this time no children in the near future :-D
I have a LD MKVII, LD DAC_I and a balanced DT880.
I have a Roc on his way, but I think will be too heavy to bring with me.
BTW, anyone for Bristol show 2010?
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Cool, will be good to meet you massy.

Will book a venue next week for this.

Thinking maybe mid Feb for the date?
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Cool! Pretty exciting...
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Hi guys,

First post after a lot of lurking, but I'm in London and always keen to meet new folks so I'd love to join a meet depending on the date.

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Doesn't Eddie know the HD650s have a detachable cable and therefore don't need to be compared to a separate pair..BUT it'll be cool to compare em because apparently there are different versions identifiable by their differently coloured drivers.
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I am possibly interested, but my timetabling is iffy. I'll be able to say closer to the date once everything is organised.
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Any news?
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Hello from Yorkshire :-)

I get to London on business every couple of months, so you never know.


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I'm definitely interested! studying in york so i can possibly come down to london, depending on the date of course... looking forward to it already!
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I live in London too, but I can't stand being around the city, so I try to get out of it as much as possible

Just wondering if you're meeting in a pub or something, how anyone will hear anything?
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I'm in Coventry, but I'm not sure if there'll be any test in the upcoming weeks
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I'm up for a London meet, if it's happening, sounds great!

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