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Best Musical supra aural cans (portable,unamped), senn or grado or what? - Page 2

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The MS1 is easy to drive. They will improve with an amp but they are perfectly fine without one. I would worry about a source upgrade before an amp since you will get a larger improvement with a good soundcard/DAC. The MS1 is a bit goofy looking if you are going to be wearing them outside though, so if that is a concern go with the HD238.

The HD238 is actually a bit more difficult to drive than the MS1, despite being a portable phone.

On the Alessandro website you will actually see 2 versions of the MS-1. The differences are purely cosmetic from what I have read (even Alessandro said this if I recall correctly), so if you want to save $10 and have a bit more of a compact headphone just go with the original MS1 and not the 2009 improved version.
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The Sony MDR V6 can work too. With good recordings they can be great but the way the V6-es sound must be too your liking. Even if they sound a bit less with some recordings they work pretty good with equalizers.

Just a thought...
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thanks again for replies

I don't mind the look, just the sound is matter and I will use them indoors, IEM's for outdoors.
so I go for MS-1's and thanks for your help, I much appreciate it.

but do you know any other place to buy them ?
actually, I'm in Iran and buy goods from US with the help of a middleman, he has no problem with amazon and sites which use paypal , but he can't buy from websites that require American credit card so if there is a place like amazon I can buy them it would be great.
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Yes, MS-1i's are indeed a fantastic, affordable way to go. As best I know, shipping is free directly from the Alessandro website. (That is at least the case when shipped from the US to Canada.)
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The only other place that I know sells them is Headphonic | Australian Headphone Specialists: Buy Etymotic, Alessandro, Audio Technica, Ultimate Ears, Talisman, Meier Audio and more but they are out of stock at the moment. The other thing is that they are $150 on the site but I do know they accept paypal. If your willing to pay the extra you will probably need to contact them since you wouldn't be shipping to Australia/New Zealand.
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so I have to find a way to buy them directly from their website, maybe charging a head-fier's paypal and asking him/her to buy them for me online with the shipping address of my friend in the US
maybe I pm one of you in the near future

thanks all of you for the help specially JayB18
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tl;dr - looking for help.


Hi, my father recently forgot a pair of Senn HD25's in a hotel, so he needs a replacement. He absolutely loved the sound form my AKG K141 MKII's, even when driven from his iPod Nano 5th gen, and these headphones, despite their low impedance, are not the easiest to drive. I would look for a pair of those, but he travels a great deal so portability and isolation are factors to take into consideration.


So in summation, I am looking for a pair of supra-aural headphones that are portable, easy to drive, with a decent mids/his, and that isolate pretty well. I'm looking to spend ~$130, and have no issue going to the used market.


He listens to largely classical, namely orchestral, music, and a fair share of 60's to late 70's rock and pop. (The Beatles, The Who, Creedance, Floyd, Jethro Tull, Beach Boys etc....)


Thanks ahead for any assistance.

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