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dt 770's too tight

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i want to make them less tight so they dont make my jaw sore. how have them on something that is about an inch bigger than my head to stretch them out. is that sufficient and how long will it take for it to get less tight?
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What version do you have? Just curious.
I can't give you any advice as I don't have those headphones.
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when i first bough the dt880's, the were kinda tight and would make my ears warm after 1 hour. I know that uncomfortable feeling of clamp and know exactly what you mean

but after 1 month, i think they adjusted to my head perfectly. Now i can sit hours and hours with these beyers and have no problems
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1. Stretch them over night on a pile of books or something (like a firm pillow).
2. Bend the earcups outwards, with your thumbs on the middle of the headband
3. Bend the yokes who are holiding the earcups outwards
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Tiemen: I bent them a little bit and they feel alot better already. Thanks

Helmore: They are the PRO (80 ohm) version. Since I don't have an amp (just an x-fi elite pro) I decided to get this model. I also heard that they didnt have as much treble as the other version (plus a lot more bass), so it was an easy choice given that I listen to alot of bass heavy music (hip hop, electronic, some rock).
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Man, I wish I would have searched for this thread before I jumped.  I bought a set of DT770 Pro-80s a few weeks ago, and they were uncomfortably tight on my big melon head.  triportsad.gif  The sad thing was they sounded fantastic.  Unfortunately, I've already replaced them with a set of Senns that fit more loosely, and now I'll need to sell the Beyers.  frown.gif

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They are a tight seal, but I always felt that they just engulfed me.  They're so soft, the clamping never bothered me.  I have a big head as well.

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The pads on those are definitely comfy!  I've always been over-sensitive to tight headphones, so ymmv.  If I go back to Beyers, I think I'll want to try the 990s anyway.  I'm pretty new to this scene, but I think I'm beginning to prefer the open phones over closed.

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i've decided that these headphones are probably too tight to keep using for extended periods.  What's a good upgrade that is a little bit looser but still provides the same level of isolation?  My budget is $350 or less and I want to stick with closed and the "balanced" studio monitor type frequency range.

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Do you still have the box? All you do is put the box in the middle of the headphone when you aren't using them (while sleeping, school, work, etc.) Double whammy if you play music through them to burn them in. It takes less than two weeks for them to loosen up.
I can't say I did this for the those, but the PRO700MK2 was a headcrab, and it worked.
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The metal on the premium line's headbands are really flexible. If you bend it 180 degrees or more, it will significantly reduce the clamp on your head. That's what I did on my dt 880 premium.

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Ya after posting this I tried being a little more aggressive with bending the metal.  Seems to have helped.  I guess I'll try to stick with these a little longer.

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I've just got a pair of dt770 250 lightly used.Mine are a bit loose or it's my small head,how should I bend the headband without messing with the shape?

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