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I am thinking of getting a DAC/Amp combo and wanted to see if selling my current amp is feasible. It is in really good condition, it was covered with a clear screen protector until recently, so it has very few scratches. It is the shiny stainless steel model(IMO it looks better than the new ones, but if you don't take care of it it will get scratched). I think this has always been one of the smallest amps you could get. It works great, battery is fine, everything is basically in really good condition. I have the USB charger and charging cable, as well as the 3.5mm IC.

It is a good amp, drives my HD 580s fine, and of course has no problem with less demanding phones. The bass switch on it actually works(great if you want to spice up some neutral IEMs in certain songs). The "wide sound stage" switch just makes it sound weird, I never use it. It has two independent headphone outputs and i have used both simultaneously with no problems.

Anyone interested?

I have listed it as IC instead of FS because I want to see if it is worthwhile keeping it hooked up to the DAC I want to purchase. Of course, I kinda need the money to pay for the DAC in the first place, so make me an offer.