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Originally Posted by TrantaLocked View Post

From what I've read, eventually it will no longer be that great of an advantage to export jobs to China as the middle class grows. I agree with most of what you said, but the bottom line is it takes so long for economies to adjust and right now the world is still in a struggle.


I'm not sure where this conversation is going so we can stop now unless you want to say anything else XD. I think I'm just really tired right now and can't flesh out what I think I want to say very well.

My last off/topic post.


"Eventually" will take years, this isn't something small or fast enough to happen in a year, 5 years or even a decade, not to mention just because everywhere else is improving and growing to vast margin of competitiveness, it's not like China will stagnate itself just so others can catch up, China is one of the very few countries improving and growing vastly in very scary percentages.


Unfortunately our economy has been in a struggle since the 90's. Nothing major has changed except we are now just more susceptible to knowing the truth and what is out there and happening at the same time thanks to wide spread and vast forms of news media/mediums. 

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Originally Posted by Asr View Post

I keep seeing people say that Infected Mushroom is recorded well, but has anyone ever bothered to go past the check of how it sounds and actually looked at the waveform data of a track? I recently bought a copy of their CD Vicious Delicious and suspected it wasn't recorded that well. It sounded a bit compressed and definitely limited too. So I ripped track 3 and here's the visual proof that shows the compression and clipping. Conclusion: if Vicious Delicious is indicative of Infected Mushroom's recording quality, then it's not all that great.


(click for larger version)


I have other electronica CDs that are recorded way better than Vicious Delicious, like those produced by Orbital for example. Massive Attack's albums are recorded better too.


I think you shouldn't (completely) disregard an artist, just because some records  has too much loudness compression.

This is a common problem, with the belief that louder  sells better.

If you listen to earlier albums from infected mushrooms they have less loudness compression.

For instance the double album "converting vegetarians" has a decent dynamic range.

Not to mention: loudness compression hurt more some genre than others (this isn't classical).

And "infected mushrooms" is perhaps the most popular artist of the genre (psytrance) :



those produced by Orbital for example. Massive Attack's albums are recorded better too.

They just didn't fall in the loudness compression trap.

Just use a loudness compressor as a dsp, I'm sure you'd begin to say these stuff doesn't sound that good.

Does it mean you have to ignore all artist efforts, just because of the final mastering ?

Even the last beatles remaster, have a minimal amount of loudness compression applied to them.


And finally here's a relatively recent heresy. Who would expect an album with red army choir and opera singer , to  have squashed dynamics ?

The album still sold well though "Vincent Niclo - Les Choeurs de L'Armée Rouge"


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Originally Posted by takato14 View Post

If you think the Cintiq has technology even close to as poor as the Note and Surface Pro, we have a problem. The Cintiq 24HD is overpriced, but it is the best tablet in the world at the moment by a VERY wide margin. If I remember correctly it has an S-IPS LCD panel (perfect color accuracy), which is why you wouldn't think it was very good compared to the insanely hyped up contrast we're used to in most panels nowadays. The 24HD is for serious artists and people who work in professional photography. Like you said about the HD800, its for a specific purpose.

Don't get me wrong though, that thing is inexcusably overpriced.

NOW I'm done.

Actually I'm pretty sure the Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft tablets all use the Wacom Digitizers.
Wacom hasn't really innovated or pushed the technology forward in years either.
And if you want to talk about the pressure levels and all that.... then I'm also pretty sure that's artificially held back through firmware.

And as far as the display goes... seeing as how I own one... I can say for certain that it's a very good display with a wide color gamut... but it's
still only a 24" 16:10 display 1920x1200. If it were 2560x1600... I could understand the price more....
but you can get the same panel with the same color gamut with an Asus 24" Proart monitor. Which can be had for 274.99 over on amazon.

But I guess we both at least agree it's overpriced... lol
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^love my 24" Asus pro art! Lol
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Originally Posted by CheeseWithWorms View Post

I honestly wouldnt care about that.

I somewhat regret buying the akg k550 only because they are made in china. I despise the fact that my music listening pleasure might very possibly be a bi - product of a man's tiny income (or suffering).

It's really hard to get away from that though...

That being said.. it does feel nice owning both headphones (Audeze) and amp (Schiit) that were made in the US.
Though not like I benefited anyone from buying them.. since I got both used, second-hand.
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I think they are a bargain.

I have a several

friends in the high end world with very expensive speakers,and they are all blown away by the quality of the HD800.

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Originally Posted by Kheadfi View Post

I think they are a bargain.

I have a several

friends in the high end world with very expensive speakers,and they are all blown away by the quality of the HD800.




And when it was 1000 EUR...it was...even more awesome (still a bargain though) :)) 


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I bought my HD 800,second hand off Ebay for £600. The best earphones I have ever owned,and at 73 years old,Ive had a few !. Good value I think. I also feel that expensive or cheap,if you are happy with it,then that's all that matters.

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wait for price dropping then.

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