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And for the worst bundled earphone that i owned: Sony PSP earbud. One word: YUCKS.

And the PSP is probably the worst portable media player I have heard, far worse than the modernday Sony disc-man
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The Lady Gaga Heartbeats! Bass is amazing, but the clarity's just muddy. Even my Sennheiser CX200 is much better!

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My Skullcandy Ink'd. I got them thinking they'd be pretty good, and at the time I thought they were, especially over the Apple iBuds... until I got the Koss Porta Pros. Now they sound like an utter mess to me.

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The first IEM I owned was the worst. One of these no-name brand IEMs with the same shell as the orange deal extreme ones. Horribe comfort and broken sound. It really put me off IEMs for a while.

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Audio-Technica CK32 (if I remember the model right, and strictly canalphones are not IEMs, I know). Mediocre build quality and weak sound (in almost all respects). But that was my first attempt at higher quality phones. They did burn-in after extended listening and improved a little bit. They were however a step up from stock buds. I was very happy when I had a chance to give to a friend who was still using 1 gen iBuds at that time.


Following, not at a great distance, was Etymotic ER6i (black). I was excited for a while when I just received my pair. But after that came a lot of disappointment. The sound quality is actually good, especially in terms of the clarity/detail and the sparkling highs. What annoyed me was the absence of emotions that came through them. Cold and analytical are very good things to say. A review on said the music was dead. I couldn't agree more. At that time I didn't have an amp, not even a homely Fiio, so maybe my feelings were a little unfair. But the i suffix was meant for iPod, i.e. headphone out wasn't it? If a product is developed only to perform well with the aid of external amplification, I think the manufacturer should explicitly tell the customers. Sadly, not from Ety that had a lot of respect from me. Didn't regret when selling it in mint condition for much cheaper. Plus the cable looked poor.


Later I had a few others, mainly bargain ones. Among them only the JBL Reference 220s and the ADDIEMs had done the job ok. Maybe IEMs are not for me, or maybe i'm not very willing to try the better.

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Altec Lansing im616. I value them at $60. Someone said they were based on the ER4 driver. Please. They have no bass impact at all (literally none) and were incredibly tinny no matter how they fit. Details and separation, however, were pretty good for the price. So if you like details but hate sound quality, look no further!

Hysterical, this does not surprise me at all.... And here's an example of why it is important to not go by one person's ravings -->  I know of one 'headphoneus supremus' who swore by them as one of the best values in IEM-dom some time back. Posted like crazy all over about them.

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I personally don't find the Shure's to be that bad at all. I have a pair of SE310's and yes, they are HORRIBLE if you don't amp them, but i connected them to a cheapie fii-o amp and it did wonders. The bass was much louder with decent clarity in the midrange, although the high's weren't tehre for me.

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Probably the E2C's or Shure SE210's. They were both pretty bad.
x2 on the SE210's They're just too expensive for what they are. I think the only part I still use from them is the hard shell case.


Ha, me too!


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