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Atrio m5 v1 bass quantity

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I've had a pair of Atrio m5 v1's for about 2 years, and despite claims that it's one of the most bass-heavy IEM's out there, I've always felt that the bass was lacking. Does the v2 have that much more bass? I'm using an iAudio7 and the black Shure olives, set MachBass to 6 and bump up the equalizer, and still feel the bass is too quiet and doesn't go very deep.

I'm seriously considering getting the JH13 or JH16 once the comparisons are out, and I'd like to know if my bass expectations for all IEM's are just off by that much. I used to drive a car with a JL 12w6v2 in the trunk so perhaps my idea of bass has been skewed...
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You're not getting the proper fit imo. I've had the same issues. When I hold them against my ear I get the bass I expect, but I can only get any type of proper fit with the small tips when holding them in place.
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Your idea of bass has certainly been tainted, but there's no way you shound be needing all that EQ. I agree with Zalithian, you must be having a fit issue. If you haven't yet, try the other tips, see what fits best. The Atrios are IEMs that go in fairly deep, so if they aren't in deep enough you won't get the sound you want. The tips can be a little too big, but not too small.
If nothing works, the Shure Olives have been said to work on the Atrio, although I don't remember if they need modification or not.
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^ Shure Olives work on the Atrios without modification and those with fit issues should try them reversed (wide end first).
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I'm also guessing fit; I'm surprised to hear about bass issues with the Atrio v1s. I use the ER6 double-flanges. Good luck finding them, though; the ER6 has been discontinued for some odd reason.

BTW, Shure Olives work with Atrios, unmodded.
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