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A little help from the naim guys

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I*original bit removed, due to complete pointless-ness*

I've been looking at the nait 5i amp for £725 and so far I'm impressed.
But the opportunity to buy a NAC122x and matching NAP150x for £900 (ex demo) has got me wondering where my cash would be better placed

Which one would you purchase? Any opinion is welcome.

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The pre/power should be a big step up and as Naim kit lasts for years buying ex dem won't be a problem.
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I've no problem with buying it ex demo as it's in mint condition with bugger all hours on it. Plus full warranty is nice too.

I was just hoping that someone here has had some experience with this combo and the nait 5i in order to find out if its worth the extra £175.

With a bit of luck I'll get to try it with my own gear this Saturday
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Well it looks like I can add a third amp to my choices
So it's a choice of:

Naim Nait 5i new £750
Nap122x/Nap150x pre/power ex demo £900
Naim xs 5 months old £950

Which one represents the best value?

As I've said, I've already demoed the nait 5i with both the matching cd player and the rega apollo. I should get to test it again with my own setup Saturday so I'll be in a better position to make my mind up.

But until then has anyone had any experience with any of these amps?
judging by the lack of responses I'm guessing not, But I do love flogging a dead horse
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i've had a 5i before and had listened to that pre pro combo.

naim xs and naim pre/power should be very similar according to dealer. the 150 power amp and xs power is from a similar lineup.

however, you can upgrade the naim pre's power source (highly recommended), which will make it much better than naim xs.

i'd go with separates always, if you can.

dont buy new naim 5i. get the demo / used stuff. much better value.
the 5i is only good for certain types of music. the rest are much better all rounders from my experience. (cant say much about xs, dealer didnt have it, only supernait, which is comparable to a 200 series naim)
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Can I suggest that you log onto the Naim Forum and ask for views there? I have just had a quick peek using their find function on 122x & 150x and over 500 posts came up.

If I was you I would go for the pre/power option rather than either of the integrated amps.
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Yeldarb, way a head of you. But I'm always a little sceptical of forums dedicated to one brand, although I did find some useful info.

Not that it matters anymore....... I caved in and bought the pre/power

Endless, I agree with your opinion on the 5i. Very good amp for the money I thought but not quite the all rounder the pre/power is. And plus now I've got 2 black boxes instead of one. You can never have to many boxes
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Good for you. I am sure you will enjoy the combo. Can I suggest that you consider using NACA5 for you speaker cable.

As for the Naim forum, if you ignore the fun. frolics and brand loyalty, it is a good source of information on topics Naim related.

Keep collecting the boxes
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Yeldarb, I shall take your suggestion on board. At the moment i'm very happy with the 4mm van damme studio blue i'm running with.

Next on the upgrade list is a new disc spinner, my nad c521bee is doing a very admirable job....... for now. Upgradeitus! If only there was a cure
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I have the Nait 5i but don't use NACA5. Currently using Belden 5000UE from Blue Jeans Cables. Can anyone explain what the NACA5 can deliver that less expensive cables can't? Any first-hand experience comparing NACA5 to other options? 

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