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Originally Posted by JazzVinyl View Post

I am sad to report we have had a death in the family and I will be unable to attend tomorrow.



That's too bad, sorry for your loss.

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Just got back from my trip.  I wont have time to repair my dead laptop so I'll probably leave the Audio GD Compass at home.  

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Originally Posted by coredump View Post

Just got back from my trip.  I wont have time to repair my dead laptop so I'll probably leave the Audio GD Compass at home.  

That's too bad.  I'm sure people would want to hear the Audio GD compass in someone's rig, maybe gspot could hook it up to the Travgans Red/Stax rig.


The room is open and the gentleman working there said I could load my stuff in the room now, so we're heading over from our room in a minute.

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I was up pretty late last night and I haven't packed anything up yet so I'm running late but I should be down by noon or so.

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It was nice to see some old faces.. always a pleasure to spend time with you all.. 


Sherwood - I cannot thank you enough for the HP, and the 2 Samplers I shall listen to at my earliest opportunity :)


Headphone Addict - Looks like you had more gear there than last year (which cannot be true surely!). Nice to see your son is getting his own table now . Good luck getting the 22 fixed.


Powderhound - I STILL owe you a drink (at least) _ oh and the 5's are NIIIICE :) Universal 5's would be superawesome.


Effusion - Sorry I couldn't hang around.. your tubes and gear are amazing. We should talk sometime.


ASR - Thanks again for all your efforts. Sterling work.


And to everyone else... hope you all had a great day.. Sorry I had to bail early.. felt moderately awful for a while back there.. Migraines and Headphones are NOT a good combination :(


Now I'm off to lay down in a dark room again :(

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Hey everyone, the meet today was lovely. I couldn't get enough of Larry's LCD-2. It's time to get a job...


My friends had a great time too of course, especially the O2/Blue Hawaii combo. I hope everybody had a great time, and I look forward to seeing you all next year, if there is one.

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This was awesome, except now I have a burning desire to buy more/better stuff.

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Me too, of course. Did you have a favorite?

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Should we start a new impressions thread in the proper forum?

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Started an impressions thread, please post there instead:

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