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Out of date - I need help to choose <= $700 amp

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Wow, my last login was May 2005, a little bit surprised that they have not closed my account yet.

During those time, my AKG K701 got stolen and sold my Meijer Corda portable amp.
Anyway, I miss the AKG, so I just got myself K702. This time, I will keep it in my house, safely, .

I have been out of headphone world for quite a while. I spent a lot of time in the past week researching a headphone amp to drive the K702 and got so overwelm with the options.

Could you recommend me a headphone amp (amp only w/o DAC) that would fit my criteria?

Budget: $700

Headphone: AKG K702, Audio Technica A700, future: Sennheiser H650
Music: Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Dream Theater, Eric Clapton, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Megadeth
DAC: NuForce micro-DAC

Several candidates that I came across from the forum:
- WooAudio 6 ( I have never own tube amp before)
- HeadAmp Gilmore Lite
- Heed Canamp
- others?

Thanks in advance.
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I will say hands down Woo Audio 6 with the Sophia Tube Rectifier upgrade.
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What are my other options beside Woo Audio 6?
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Graham Slee Solo is another.
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i own both gilmore lite and wa6 w/pdps upgrade and sophia princess driving 701 (which is essentially the same as 702), both are not very far in terms of sq but WA6 is just much more sweet sounding amp than gilmore which is quite analytical......and now got the most of listening time
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another vote for the woo6 with sophia, especially if you plan on getting the senns as this combo is to die for. well i've only heard the woo 6 SE maxxed with sophia, power supply, blackgate and teflon socket upgrade and I was rather impressed. actually I tried it with my denons and HD600 (which I would actually recommend over the 650's myself) it wasnt just at a meet either as many know that isnt the best place to audition things often, but the person who was putting me up in sydney for the meet last year had one (covenant) an I had a pretty good listen. i'm not usually a tubes guy either and it still impressed me.
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The Woo is a fine choice, but search for reviews on the Burson HA-160. With your 702's and HD650's it might be just the ticket (and it is right at your budget limit). I have 702's, with 650's coming soon, and this is on my short list despite no opportunity to audition.
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The Graham Slee Solo SRGII sounds very nice with either the AKG, Grado, or the Senn.
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Unfortunately with headphone amps, it's hard for you to demo these amps in one location.
I think I will go with WA6 based on people's feedback in the forum and they are located in US (easier to repair if there is an issue, etc).

I probably will postpone the sophia tube for now (over my budget, ). Where do you usually purchase the tube beside from WooAudio?
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If you decide to go solid state then the Graham Slee Solo and the Creek amp (can't remember it's name) both work fine at reasonable price.
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Heed CanAmp is supposed to be very nice with the AKG's and Woo Audio 6 will be a wonderful combo, looks nice too
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