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I'm in a bit of dilemma like the title says.

You see I currently have an iPod Video 5th generation and decided that my first amp/dac would be a portable one (for on the go and at home) for use with my UE on the go. I decided to buy an LOD for the first time from iBasso (to make things easy, since I also bought the Mamba D4). Well it's currently on the way but I want to get a pair of headphones (Denon D7000) since I've been with IEMs only for almost 3-4 years.

I feel like I made a mistake and should have bought the Audio-GC Fun instead and not even worry about portable audio on the go (just rely on input directly to the headphone jack). The fact that some people say it doesn't even make much a difference to amp the IEMs I have (TF10 and Westone UM2) will potentially make me return this asap and just stick with the Fun for home use to pair with the D7000s.

Would the Audio-GC be a much better option than the iBasso D4 Mamba?

I bought the D4 thinking it would be the best solution due to great reviews and portability...Now I'm thinking...the hell with portability! I just want something that makes me D7000s sing!

Anybody have any idea if the iBasso D4 + Denon D7000 would make a good combo? It seems painfully obvious that the Audio-GC (a desktop amp/dac) would've been a much better option.


Well I just bought the D7000. I am looking forward to the future in getting better amp in the future and using the Mamba as a DAC.

Can't wait!