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JH-13 pro:Just Feeling it. Epilogue...

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So I picked up a pair of JH-13's and they arrived today.

The Whiplash Elite Twag cable arrived a couple days earlier,so I plugged that in staight away.

Time to heat these things up.Dragged out an old 220W Vector Research amp and dusted it off.

Let them cook for a few hours with a Sansa Fuze playing files through a $5.00 GE audio 'Y' adapter into the RCA inputs.

I'll admit,after I opened the UPS box and swapped the cables,I plugged these things into any source I could find. (well...almost any) and listened.

I was left looking for something more.

I figured these pieces should get the most out of anything they are plugged into but found how easily they reveal the worst of what is there!

You really can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

The sow's ear were my sources and I was painfully aware of that to the point of buyer's remorse.

I mean,they LOOKED good and all but I just was not blown away like I wanted to be.

Perhaps I am a prisoner of my own past,being a teen in the '70's...

Field party,gigantic bonfire,big thumping amplifiers,enormous loudspeakers to rival the fireworks we brought...

Another idiom-you can't put your arms around a memory.

It's how I still like my sound: BIG,BOLD and a little bit nauseating.

Party speakers with the rock "pushing the air around", guess I'm still there.

Here is my old Harley that the JH-13 was modeled after as far as the paint scheme:

Now I have them plugged into this:

I built it in 2006,so it's old but still runs nice.

Samsung SH223 Sata DVD>MediaMonkeyGold>X-Fi Platinum>HeadphoneBay>JH-13

Files are on twin 74G WD Raptors in Raid 0.

You know,now that they've been burning for more than a few hours,they do sound better!

Maybe an Audiofire 4 firewire and a Firestone Cute Beyond would make these things rock out?
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From what I've read the JH13's sound great even out of an ibasso D10. You definitely have learned that with revealing headphones, the sound is only as good as the source. And in reality, you'd never pay 1300+ bucks for something that isn't that analytic. Hopefully you can get a dac/amp combo that will do those beauties justice.
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Can we see a close up of that join please?

As for you wanting more involvement, awesome though the JH-13 are, they're never going to give you the visceral stimulation you seem to be chasing.
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A Creative sound card is no way to treat a JH13
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How is this for treatment? MP3 all the way...

It's true,no visceral shake,I got them in "low profile" for the helmet,while riding,at least...

Thanks for the interest,here are the TWag shots:

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This amp is where I started at 19.

Sansui 3-way crossover speakers in wood cabinets with a direct drive JVC turntable.(Sonus Blue Label cartridge)

More blown away in 1978 than 2010.

What's up?
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So,I get from your posts that you attend parties when you was younger with loudspeakers filling the place,right?well if you want the same sound neither any headphone or an IEM will bring you that kind of sound,especially in the bass department where the speaker shake inside of you with the ratling bass and big sound.
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Originally Posted by midoo1990 View Post
neither any headphone or an IEM will bring you that kind of sound.

Lured by the Siren Call of the JH-13's.

I did the sound for those parties...

lots of times if you ignored the neighbors!
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I think you'll still find all the same that with a bit of time that although you wont get that kind of visceral feel, the JH13 does things that these speakers could not hope to. turning on a dime is one. the detail retrieval is beyond anything I have heard at any party thats for sure. do get them a decent source though.
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hooray for melting the strain relief with the tip of a hot glue gun!

edit: at least they gave you the $200 discount, making that crafting mistake only cost $275...
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Do you think Jerry and Craig will stop in? nyuk nyuk

I just opened all the packages today.

Hate shipping stuff back,sure enough,both people were swell to buy from in the scheme of things.

Wanna buy the Canadiana Edition earphones with Custom Cable for a flat $999?? 1 day old,bwahaha
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Better JH13's

What sound improvement do you get by upgrading the cables on a pair of JH 13's? TWag, Cryoparts? How would you compare the two?
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Subjectively,when these earphones arrived,I immediately removed the supplied lower gauge cord,without even a listen.
After listening to various sources and finding the sound not quite what I thought it would be with the custom cable,I recomissioned the previously untested stock wire back into those extra-tight earphone sockets.
Lasted about 5 minutes and two sources.
Convinced myself that once I pulled the stock wire out of those tiny holes and plugged the silver beach bully back in,the smaller wire would remain buried in the sand.
Upgrading the cable at least provided some redemption factor for the sound I hoped to get for my ears.
Off to the North American International Motorcycle Supershow now to try on some helmets-the real reason I got this stuff...
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Mine improved immensely with burn in, esp. the TWag cables, you need to give it more time and a better source.
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Can you describe the difference in SQ between the stock cords and your upgrade? Are JH-13's even listenable through a stock iPod Lossless files? I currently have Westone UM-2's (shopping for amp / considering new IEM's instead).
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