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Melbourne Meet 2010

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Alright, since now it's 2010 not 2009 anymore, reckon should start a 2010 post instead =)

Thanks for coming today everyone and thanks for giving me a ride home Kunal.

Please post your impressions and feedbacks here :






Please :
Sorry, but just to make it easier.
Would all attendees mind to email me unspeakable.word (at) gmail.com :
Email title : Head-Fi Melb Meet [UserName] {how many people}
And in the email -
1. name (and head-fi nickname)
2. contact (phone and email probably)
3. equipments will bring
4. Cars and suburbs?
5. other comments or suggestions

BTW, in the email,
please let me know also who's bringing Powerboards and extension cables etc.
Or anyone's gonna drive and which suburbs they are from, so maybe carpool can be organise for those who want to bring larger gears =)
AND let me know/ipdates if you want to add/drop gears.

Please Bring:
1. caps/tips etc - if you intend on using other peoples headphones/iem,
2. tag your headphones somehow (elastic bands, paperclips etc), name them probably (so we know whose the owner) It will be easier if owners tags/names their own gears, but I could bring my Dymo buddy I guess...
3. Bring own CDs

My contact: will send out contacts prior meet through email.

At the moment :
When: Saturday 20th March, starting 12noon, until 5 or 6pm)
For: Melbourne Head-Fi Meet
Venue (confirm): Reading Room Cafe, Building M, Victoria University Footscray
(PRELUDE to the READING ROOM CAFE - VU. FOOTSCRAY PARK, BUILDING M LVL 1) http://readingroomcafe.com.au/
Campus details are here:Footscray Park | Victoria University | A New School of Thought | Melbourne, Australia
Map of the campus here:http://www.vu.edu.au/sites/default/f...ray%20park.pdf
It's in building M in the NE Corner.
Ample parking across Ballarat Road (open-air carpark). $2 for the whole day.
Coffee, tea, cold drinks available. There will be sweet food and sandwiches for sale too.
(Thanks shawn_low for organising the venue.)
Fee: $5 pp

Current Possible Attendance List (as per RSVP's I have received via email):
Yukari (yes, myself)
Alex [Stang]
Kunal [kunalraiker]
David [Duckman]
Kelvin [nsx_23]
Davy [Gamerzhell]
Narawoo [Collagen]
Jerry [veli_good]
Shawn Low [shawn_low]
Kenny [Trysaeder]
Evan [Zedevan]

Current List of Equipment:

[Yukari] IEMS (CK100, X10, ER4P, SF3, PFE), JH13pro (& 5pro, hope they'll be back to me by then), Sony CT900ST, Senn HD 25-1II[adidas version]
[Stang] ATH-AD700, ALO-780, Grado HF-2, Westone UM3X, Possible Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm Manufaktur
[kunalraiker] Grado SR 325is,Sennheiser HD 25-1 II
[Duckman]Beyer T1, DT250
[nsx_23]STAX SR-404 set-up, HD650, UE TF10 pro
[Gamerzhell]Audio Technica ATH AD700, Yuin PK3
[Collagen]modified AKG K701, modified Grado HF2 and Alessandro MS-1
[veli_good]M1, D5000, W11JPN
[shawn_low]Grado HF1, HF2, RS2, GS1ki, AT W5000
[Zedevan]sr80i's and 600ohm dt990's

Amps /DAC / sound card
[Yukari] XJ03,MAD10,iQubeV2,SR71A,P51,XXS,Rx, and a DIYer made amp
[Stang] MAD Ear+ HD, Qinpu A-3, Zero DAC/AMP
[kunalraiker]iBasso D4,CMOY-Grado RA-1 clone
[Duckman]CTH amp, and Burson Audio HA160. Metric Halo DAC
[nsx_23]La Figaro 336, nuforce udac, zero dac,
[Gamerzhell]CMoy, Fiio E5, Musiland Monitor 02 US
[veli_good]Apogee Minidac
[shawn_low]Yulong UA188, Lehmann Rhinelander, Trafomatic Experience Head One, RSA Predator, Go-Vibe Petite, Caffeine Ultra Amp
[Zedevan]audio-gd compass

[Yukari] RWA imod, D9EC
[Stang] Walkman X1060, Playstation 3
[kunalraiker]Foobar2000 with ASIO4ALL and Kernel Out,Sansa Fuze 24GB,Cowon iAudio7 4GB
[Gamerzhell]Laptop (only USB out), ipod nano 4g 8gb
[Collagen]iPod Gen 4 U2 with monochrome display (20 Gb)
[veli_good]Macbookpro , Sony pcm-d50
[shawn_low]ipod 120GB Gen 5
[Zedevan] laptop(?)

[Yukari] (both are for imod) ALO18awgSXC Cryo, ScscAg low profile imod LOD by jeremy
[Stang] A pair of 1M RCA cables, 1M Coaxial cable, short USB and optical cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and a 3.5mm to RCA cable.
[Gamerzhell]50 cm DIY RCA interconnects
[Collagen]DIY iPod Dock to Mini (3.5), Optical Fiber 75 cm
[shawn_low]EFN made iPod LOD, EFN made ipod to RCA, JPS Interconnects
[Zedevan] lod

[Stang]1 x Surge Protector that can handle 8 electrical components, 1 x power board with surge protection that can handle 4 electrical components, couple of power extension cables,a few power cables (maybe)
[kunalraiker]power extensions and 8 port power boards if needed
[Zedevan] powerboard(?)

Cars (carpool possibilities?):
Yukari - nil car - from 3163
Stang - 1 x CAR - from Ringwood, 3134
kunalraiker - 1 x Car - from 3146
nsx_23 - 1 x car - from south-east Melbourne
Gamerzhell - nil car - from canterbury, 3126
Collagen - nil car - from Footscray,3011
veli_good - 1 x car - from Balwyn North, 3104
shawn_low - nil car
Trysaeder - nil car, Balwyn North
Zedevan - 1 x car - Kew

Edited by yukari - 5/14/10 at 7:27am
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2. Definitely has to be Saturday,time- prefer mornings fresh to listen to some nice music on really nice rigs.
3.South-East should be preferable for me
4.mostly portable

I will help,please contact me through PM if required.
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1. Not sure yet, but I might: Alex (15 years old, have to convince mum )
2. Most Saturday and Sunday, I guess from 11am, depends on how far meet is from home.
3. Unsure, I live in Ringwood. 45 min drive would be fine I guess.
4. Walkman X1060, Westone UM3X, ALO-780, ATH-AD700, Possible Grado RS-1 or HF-2 (havent bought yet), MAD Ear + HD and possible DAC, only got a Zero right now.
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I'm coming to Melbourne for 2 days, starting on Tuesday 19th =D

Yeah I could bring my totally awesome audio gear.
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How are people planning on carrying their gear there?

If we're all driving, then I suggest NOT in the city since parking will get expensive.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
How are people planning on carrying their gear there?

If we're all driving, then I suggest NOT in the city since parking will get expensive.
I second that and don't forget your iGrado want to test it.
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i might tag along with my modded PS1 and modded jaycar headphone amp
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nsx_23 you should bring your 650's if you come
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Well, I'll definitely want to meet up with some other head-fiers and try new gear. Hopefully I'll have a STAX amp by then too.

Yes, I'll bring my HD650, but I think I'll leave the Zero at home.....

I think some firm details such as location and date need to be set soon though.
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I got a few portable amps, my RWA iMod, D9EC, and some iems =)
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Pssh, got final exams, would be too busy
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So is anyone here able to speak to their local council about a possible venue?
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I will do.

Any idea of headcount.
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Any idea of a suburb/post code either? I'm in Ringwood, 3134 btw..
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I'an in Glen Iris post code 3146

Stonnington Council
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