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So I was messing around with my d3 and found that connecting (sort of) the solder points on the input and output (at least that's what I think I am doing, the pictures will explain better) completely eliminated the noise and buzzing I have been experiencing when using the amp through usb and listening with my shure se530 phones. It is dead silent except for any music playing through when I do this, except for some very faint hiss.

Of course, touching the rings around the inputs on the front together also does this.

Firstly, does it run a risk of damaging it?

Secondly, why does doing that "fix" it?

Edit: Decided to just rig it up with them connected anyway, and it has been working without incident. I figure it is somehow solving some sort of grounding problem but I don't know much about that kind of stuff. Regardless, I am extremely happy that my D3 is sounding amazing with my se530 again without needing the volume attenuator to kill all the noise and interference it was giving me.