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Hi-- I am looking to get a better pair of small speakers. My top three choices are the Audioengine A2, Swans D1080mkII or M-Audio AV40. Last weekend I purchased a set of AV30 M-Audio speakers. Those are getting returned to the store.
I listen to many kinds of music including Jerry Garcia/Dead, indie singer-singwriters, and while working, classical, blues, country, and singers like Frank & Ella.
My sources are Alien DAC w/ Blackgates and Entech 205.2 from a MacBook. I have a nice 12" Velodyne sub which I can use w/ the speakers, so bass is not a top priority.
I will use them mostly while working at a low volume. I like clear sound with good instrument separation. I want the Grado sound w/out sibilance.

Thanks in advance. ----Rob