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Top Of The Line Cans (HD800, PS1000, Ed.8) In Stock!  

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HI All,

This past year was a heck of a year for high end headphones! And TTVJ is pleased to say that all of the best are available and in stock here to start this year.

The HD800,



All in stock - and we are offering free Fed Ex 2nd Day shipping for any of them! So if you want one and you want it now, order up and we will get it out to you today!

And the new Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 should be here in 3-5 weeks. We still have a few of our first order available if you would like to get in on the first batch to arrive in the USA.

Be talkin' to you!

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The new Beyer T1 should be available the first or second week of February, we only have a few spots left open on our first shipment! Order now to insure there will be one for you.

All of the other top headphones are in stock and waiting for you to listen to...

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woah! new beyers? I was not expecting this...
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Also coming soon is the Ultrasone Paladium Edition 8 ($1695) and available at TTVJ!
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You would have to remind me about the PS1000 and tease me with some vague reference to a new Ultrasone model that I'm now about to Google! Oh well, I've got a TTVJ pair of HD800 and a TTVJ pair of T1's on order. That'll have to keep me happy for a while.
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Oh Todd, you always knew the right words to say to me. I just wish you wouldn't say them to anyone else--and also that you would give me like a 50% discount OR BETTER on these f-ing damned sexy headphones!

I previously knew nothing about the up-coming Paladium Ed. 8's--looks like it's time for me to hit up the old search engine!

Todd, why do you have to be such a fluesy (sp?)? Why couldn't you just keep your best secrets just between the two of us?
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