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all I can say is that it brought my cd1k 1/8" plug back to life, shiny and all...the soundcard golden fingers are also brand new looking now, amazing! and its 1/8" female plug also came out rather dirty.

I've also cleaned all the power cables and extensions cords...I'd swear the crosstalk is better now, but I might just be imagining things
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I clean pins, plugs. contacts, and spades once a year when I do my yearly equip. dust down! I've used just about every product over the past 30yrs. Deoxit is one of them! I never clean tube pins with anything liquid, I just use a pointed eraser to rid the tarnish on ea. tube pin......Time consuming, you bet! can I hear the difference, uh, Not really! Don't waste your money on the "SILVER PASTE" Walker and Maple Shade are selling!!!This is just M.O.
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Originally Posted by BIG POPPA View Post
My can of DN5 say's best before 12/09. will go pick up another can here in a bit. Who else's cans have an expiration date?
My can of Deoxit D5 has a exp date of 9/2009. I've had it for several years now. I use D5 primarily to clean pots and other parts on my vintage receivers (it just fixed a bad volume pot on my Yamaha CR-1020).

I also have a tube of Deoxit (100%) for cleaning connectors.
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i use Deoxit DP5 to clean vintage tubes pins, and DeoxIT G100L and lastly Mapleshade's Silclear.

just to side track abit, Deoxit's products are more for cleaning and conditioning+protection, i doubt you will experience a day and night difference in sonic quality. however, Silclear really will give you a day and night difference. Many have tried it in singapore and everyone could hear the difference immediately. i'm not working for Mapleshade or anything, just want to recommend a fantastic product to everyone here.
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