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Originally Posted by BIG POPPA View Post
My can of DN5 say's best before 12/09. will go pick up another can here in a bit. Who else's cans have an expiration date?
No BBD on mine but it must be well over 5yrs old. Can't imagine that it would deteriorate in a pressurised container.
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my seller told me:
the cans have a date, but i think only because the rules say they must..
We have had cans in our workshop still working fine after 4-5 years on the shelf..
Caig have said 2 year shelf life is very comfortable.
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ok the wipes don't carry a BBD:

I'm so much gonna clean everything in the house...power cables, extensions cords, audio connectors, PCI cards connectors
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Just the chore for the winter fever.
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I use Brasso on the plug and then put it in and out the socket a few times to clean it as well. I cannot say I have noticed a difference. I helped a mate whose system was under about 3 years of dust to clean it. Then it did make a difference.
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Caig also makes CaiLube (not 100% on the spelling) which is another awesome product.
I revived an O2 sensor and the IAC valve on my car w/ a few Caig products and saved a few hundred bucks No problems 45k miles later. Now once a year I DeOxIt and Cailube all the connectors under my hood on both of my cars and my motorcycle.
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The stuff with Gold is the only stuff with a Best Before Date. FYI
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^^^ One less thing to worry about! Thanks.
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Originally Posted by krismusic View Post
The D5 is still available, I Googled, and comes as a spray. Would doubt that anything more esoteric is required.
I still use a bottle of tape head cleaner thats about 20 years old,cleans just about anything and leaves no residue.
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I just got the gold+shield squeeze tubes yesterday and drenched all my audio related cables with q-tips (gold followed by shield, I ordered regular deoxit but they sent me gold instead, I made up by using 1/3 of the gold bottle ). If there's an audible change after treating 15 cables it is not enough that I could feel confident about it, I'd have to A/B which isn't possible after treating.

Btw the squeeze bottle version is 100% concentration, while their sprays come in 5%, 20%, and 100%. Since it's so concentrated I think one drop per connector is more than enough, you could save more liquid by using tiny brushes instead of q-tips.
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I spray my contacts and sockets, and tube pins every 1~2 month or every time before swap for tubes.

Ok, we all know this thing works like charm. What model do you use? I use GX5 for general/quick use. But for really bad looking pins/ sockets. I apply 99% Alcohol, then D100L 100%solution, and leave it on for 6 hours or over night. Apply D100L again, and polish with Scotch pad. Then clean everything up with alcohol again because D100L 100% solution will leave some red stain. Finnally spray on GX5. Everything will shines like new!!
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You're supposed to wipe it off? I've left them on for over 30 hours .
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Originally Posted by ford2 View Post
I still use a bottle of tape head cleaner thats about 20 years old,cleans just about anything and leaves no residue.
Originally Posted by haloxt View Post
You're supposed to wipe it off? I've left them on for over 30 hours .
I think D5 leaves a residue in the form of a "protective film" that is supposed to delay oxidisation.
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Don't find them particularly effective aganist silver rusting though....
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I've used Deoxit for years. It really does work on scratchy old pots and controls. I've been restoring old tube radios for about a dozen years and it does a remarkable job on gear that has been neglected for 50 or 60 years.

However, the effects are only audible when something is truly wrong. Like getting static and noise gremlins out of a pot.

On the other hand, I have found zero difference on gear that has no audible - and obvious - problems. Go ahead and use it if you want, the price is reasonable enough and it won't hurt anything.

But do not expect magical improvements where there isn't a problem to begin with.
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