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I hardly dare post this. I found an old can of Deoxit I had forgotten about. treated all the conections on my rig. I reckon it has improved the sound. Better separation and sparkly highs. Maybe I am just in a better mood with my rig. Anyone got an opinion. Play nice!
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I swear by DeOxIt
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which one exactly? Deoxit Gold G5 Contact conditioner? Deoxit Shield Contact Protector 100%?

my cd1k plug is 15yo and looks nasty...
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Mine is D5. It is an old can, so I do not know if it is current. From what I read, the Gold products are designed to be particuarly effective with gold plating.
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yeah, I'll get some Gold G5 and clean my cd1k jack and my soundcard PCB fingers...I've been rolling op-amps for the past 6 months, last time I cleaned them w/ alcohol, the Qtip was very dirty.

I see Furutech sells a killer contact enhancer, but $150 for a tiny bottle..
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Dirty contacts probably do affect SQ. Wouldn't go nuts on magic potions though.
I would be perfectly willing to accept that my experience was placebo. Still working though!
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well, when I cleaned my soundcard PCI contacts w/ alcohol(and the qtip was *very* dirty), I would have sworn that the SQ improved too

but I think I need "Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator", not the G5 Gold which is "a unique conditioning solution that improves conductivity and provides long-lasting protection on gold, base metals and other precious metal contacts and connections"

it sells as wipes, I would also do it on all my power cables while I'm at it
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The D5 is still available, I Googled, and comes as a spray. Would doubt that anything more esoteric is required.
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apparently D5 has been phased out, "Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator" is a faster drying formula of the same thing...many ppl rave about it on google, sounds like a plan!
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Google must be out of date.
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I have had a canistor of De-Oxit for over 11years now and rate it very highly indeed.
It saved me having to call out a plumber one year when returning home from a vacation. I found that the digital c/heating timer was non-functioning. Took it apart and saw all the contacts were a bit corroded - cleaned these with a metal cleaner, then alcohol and finished off with de-Oxit - I reckon it saved me over £200. I contacted the person who bought our apartment after 8 years "any problem with the c/heating" ans. "none at all".

I also bought a very small bottle of Pro-Gold, I'm not sure that was a good idea, since I hav'nt yet found the best diluter to mix it with. So, if you have corroded points, first use De-Oxit and then finish with Pro-Gold (spray version).

This is not snake oil - just a very good product that lasts and lasts.
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I've used Deoxit 5 for years - great for contacts and for cleaning switches and pots in my vintage equipment.
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My can of DN5 say's best before 12/09. will go pick up another can here in a bit. Who else's cans have an expiration date?
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Originally Posted by BIG POPPA View Post
Who else's cans have an expiration date?
ahhhh I was about to order 25 wipes, but if there's an expiration date I'll just take 5(even though it's much more expensive)...I'll ask my seller
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It's not impossible for a contact cleaner to improve the sound, especially when it comes to old vintage scratchy pots. On the other hand spraying it on a perfectly clean connection and hearing a difference may be imagined too.

At least it's relatively cheap and is proven to work as a contact cleaner.
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