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New Head-Fi Logo & Redesign

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Simplified things and stuck to the core idea of head-fi. Less is more. Thoughts?


Hey there all,

I've been lurking here for a fair while now and recently joined. I'm a graphic and web designer (GraphicDZNR / Jesse Dodds / Graphic & Web Designer)and I thought I'd offer to give back to this awesome community by offering to design a new look for Head-Fi. I've worked with Currawong (Amos) before, theming MacTalk Australia, so he can vouch for my skills.

Just wondering if there's any interest in this area... I'd love to try my hand at giving the place a lick of paint.

Just been toying with a few new logo ideas (mostly sketches at this stage which I will digitize shortly), but here's one that I've started putting together.

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Looks good, but it seems more appropriate for the Little Dot website...
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The text is too small.
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That's really cool, although I would personally appreciate something having to do with headphones, not amplifiers.
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Don't worry guys It's just one of many ideas. Obviously, this isn't a refined design, so something like 'the text is too small' wont get me anywhere.

If you have any ideas, feel free to yell out. I'd love to try implementing any you throw my way.
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I agree that something more appropriate like a pair of headphones would be better than a non-portable tube headphone amp.

I say take the elements of the current logo ("Head-Fi" and headphones) and clean it up a little (maybe slightly different color, get rid of the box, different font, etc.)
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I'd suggest an evolution of what we have.. iId say the site is more about headphones than amps.
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Great, make something now!
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I would say that fitting with the current colour-scheme, or at least not changing it too radically, would be a good idea.
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Looks like a frog or a pair of knockers
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Originally Posted by Kirosia View Post
Looks like a frog or a pair of knockers

I'll let you guys look up those other pictures yourself.
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Keep in mind that vBulletin 4 just came out as well guys, although it's up to Jude on whether or not to upgrade to it

I actually am odd in that I like theming vB 4 with the new stylevars system. Most people seem to hate it.
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shouldnt you like, talk to jude and the mods to see if they would like a new logo?
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Originally Posted by JesseDodds View Post
Hey there all,

I like your style. Really cool. Reminds me of the design work at the Ace Hotel chain.

I'm a designer too, I mostly do illustrations, but do corporate identities and logos as well. Based on your portfolio, I think the head-fi site would benefit from a new logo with your talent.
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Looks nice. What you may want to try if there's a revision is increasing the size of the tubes so they are discernible if the logo is very small, and perhaps change the font to something rounder and lowercase to match the round edges of the tube amp (ie: Century Gothic / Moderne font), and allow the top of the "i" to be the inlet for the TRS.
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