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Best DAC/AMP combo for ESW10JPN under 500$ (office use)

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Hey guys,
I recently purchased the ATH-ESW10JPN.
I am totally in love with them, they are very special with sweet, involving and musical sound.
I am totally in love with them

After hearing them in my main rig (Stello DA100+tube amp), I decided to add a DAC/AMP combo for my office rig (where I will be listening to them).
They have great potential and listening to them straight out of a O/B soundcard just doesn't do them any justice.

So currently I am setting the budget at 500$ (used or new, doesn't matter).

A s mall list of requirements:
- The DAC and amp must be built as a single unit, with small-medium size.
- The DAC part must have a USB input.
- Portable amps are an option, only if they can be operated with their adapter/charger constantly.

Currently, these are the options came to my mind:
* Pico DAC/AMP
* Syleaudio Topaz DAC/AMP (stationary)
* Predator DAC/AMP
* iBasso D10 (not sure about using the charger constantly).

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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The ESW10JPN sounds GREAT out of the D10 (used to own it).

Another option is the Nuforce.com | Icon uDAC. Works great with the ESW10JPN according to a head-fi'er and it's only $99. I have one on order
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Thanks for the help pekingduck.
I am thinking of a higher budget combo, so currently I think I will pass on the uDAC and I am still contemplating about the D10.

I just saw the "NuForce Icon HDP" which looks kind of interesting.
How good is it ?
The price is nice (400$ MSRP), what is the buzz around it ?
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The HDP is not out yet so no one knows how good it is
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I see, I think I will wait for it (the release date is set to Feb 2nd).
The device seems to be very promising, though I tend to be skeptical for products that promise you everything at 400$.

But their uDAC seems to brought up a whole new price/performance level, so this trend might continue up to the Icon HDP.

Time will tell.
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Heard for a long time D10, had Topaz and Pico.

Pico was best. Best resolution/details, best instrument placement in space, most musical between them. Topaz had a little more bass impact but Pico had everything else a little bit more. Sold everything, Pico remained
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Portable amp wise, the portatube is really good with the esw10jpn. My fav portable can as well. 

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