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Originally Posted by mourip View Post
Hey Nate. Any word on the Ventus...

Unfortunately the 10k PEC pot that I was using developed a huge channel imbalance ($35 down the drain) and I have yet to find another, suitable 10k replacement. I could use a high impedance but that means more offset and I was already not entirely comfortable with the range and level of DC offset that the 10k pot caused. I'm about ready to order one of the cheap Panny posts (ala Cmoy) just to finally get the thing up and running but life has been conspiring against my DIY time lately.
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The JT is actually ideal for the Ventus, as it enjoys a constant source impedance.
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i saw this the other day and was thinking about giving it a go

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I built the Ventus (+ Placid HD) some time ago but have just recently joined this forum.  I thinks it sounds great.  Phones are Sennheiser HD800.  The Placid power supply runs really hot - designed that way - other than that, works and sounds nice.


Easy to build, it powered right up and just worked.  Good project for a beginning DIYer.


Cheers - Frank

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This amp looks very simple to build, as I have never diy'ed a circuit board before I think this will be a good start. But, I don't know how to read schematics lol. When I get the board, will it be pretty obvious what parts go where? Also, I see that there is an IN+ and an IN-, I'm used to only 1 in for each side, and common/split grounds, max 4 conductors. Which one should be wired to the input from the source? For example, if I made it single ended, the Tip of the TRS. The input goes to which, and then the output jack's tip would be connected to the out, or the other in? I don't really understand that little section.

So like, it comes with 2 circuit boards (the kit does) I think, one for left, one for right. On each side, which should be the in, the ground, and the out, and the out ground? There are 2 grounds, and 2 ins, so I cannot tell which is which lol, and am just pretty damn confused haha
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