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I have been a serious music fan for the past 20 years but every once in awhile I stumble across a band that has been around for awhile that makes me wonder how in the heck I could have missed these guys.

I discovered Tindersticks over the holiday and have been aggressively picking up their catalog ever since. My first discovery purchase was actually their BBC recordings, and then I grabbed the first and second album. Just picked up the Hungry Saw and a Stuart A. Staples solo recording. All are great, introspective albums. I am sure some would find it a little depressing but for me the music and lyrics are excellent.

I am sure there are some fans kicking around here, what else would you recommend? Between the band and solo stuff there is a decent amount of music out there to be had.
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I love all those early Tindersticks records. There's a few posts in the archive by me and others, but one of those very high quality bands that just doesn't get much attention. The Bloomsbury Theatre 12.3.95 set is incredible, a standout live recording. Simple Pleasure is also a favorite. Nearly solid gold from the opening "Can We Start Again?" to the closing "I Know That Loving" and "CF GF" (can't separate them, they're both so great, twin closers). If you can, pick up the original CDs or LPs, they sound great, especialy II. The remasters are pretty loud, but they do come with bonus stuff.


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It’s a wonder how a band as talented as the Tindersticks don’t get wider recognition. I suppose their dark, brooding sound is never going to get anyone on the dance floor.

I haven't heard their later albums, but they do appear to be a consistently high standard band. My favourite is Tindersticks II. This second album has “Tiny Tears”, which is probably the closest they’ll ever get to almost having a hit single. But the album is full of great moments. Anyone reading, that hasn't tried the Tindersticks yet, should get it! NOW!

I have the remastered CD from 2004. To me this remaster has very good sound quality, that compares well with the original vinyl release (the latter admittedly a distant memory). I haven’t heard the original CD master, so can’t comment on that, but I wouldn’t class the remastered II as suffering from the loudness wars.

This particularly remaster package includes the very worthwhile Bloomsbury Theatre live album as a bonus CD. So as a package, how can you go wrong?. The live choices appear to be taken from just their first two albums, so you’ll also get a good idea of what Tindersticks I has to offer.
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Yeah - I liked their early stuff, up until Nenette and Boni (great soundtrack). Spot on about Tiny Tears too. I have most of their EPs from that era too.

Saw them live at Bloomsbury since it was just next door to my university. Their chamber music is superb and way too sophisticated for an uncultured listenership, however they do have a cult following, particularly among the university crowd. Thinking mans' rock

Admittedly, the lead vocalist's grizzly voice takes some getting used to. I love the sombre tones of his cello like voice. It isn't as flexible as a virtuoso tenor singer like Murray Attaway, nor is it as compelling as a male castrato like Jeff Buckley, however it is the melancholia of masculinity embodied in the deepest grooves ever to hail from Nottingham
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Thanks for the suggestions, I wish Simple Pleasure was more readily available. A quick search has it discontinued with a pretty high price for used.
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Originally Posted by Pangaea View Post
Thanks for the suggestions, I wish Simple Pleasure was more readily available. A quick search has it discontinued with a pretty high price for used.
There's some listed on the amazon uk marketplace starting at £4.99, with shipping to US that's about $12. Not sure about condition or origin, since it is listed as an import. I don't think it was ever released in US, I remember having to buy the uk import. This is the 4th record where they started to mix in that white R&B sound of the Righteous Brothers, which worked well on this one. There's also torrents out there to listen before you buy

Amazon.co.uk: Used and New: Simple Pleasure
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Looks like the new one is available today on Amazon for DL. Anyone heard anything about it?
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