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My bd5w for onroad racing.
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My recent RC purchase to revive my interest in the hobby. :)


The Tamiya Lunch Box Monster Truck.



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Only just really getting into hobby grade RC but if you consider the toy grade RC's I have as well:


Toy Grade:

ZipZaps SE Acura Integra (Appx 29,000 RPM Motor)

ZipsZaps SE Acura RSX (Appx 34,000 RPM Motor)

Airhogs Terrain Titans - Thunder Truck

Hot Wheels Stealth Rides - Power Treads


Small Toys.jpg

(Acura Integra is not pictured)


Lower spectrum toys, yes, but hellishly entertaining at that. Especially the Hot Wheels. Its a small (appx 1:64 scale) tank with unbelievable ability for its size. Its actually a lot of fun just throwing a bunch of stuff at random down on the desk and seeing how well it runs over said stuff.


Sub-Hobby Grade:

Takara Tomy GX-03 Buggy (15 mph stock out of box)

3 CH Gyroscopic Helicopter




This toy is fun. In second gear, the motor maxes out and you wheelie without trying. Plus if you toss it in a garbage can and turn the wheels, this will rev fast enough to spin around the inside wall of the can and jump right out! Bought it in Korea on a whim when I was there in March, but it will be coming to the US in the fall under the Air Hogs Hyperactive.




I burned through 3-4 larger 3 Channel choppers in less than a year, and finally bought this one to play around with indoors and as my last helicopter. (I think I'll stick to R/Cs that stay on the ground from now ;) )


Hobby Grade:

Losi Micro-T Desert Truck

Losi Micro-T HighRoller (modified DT)




God I love this intro into Hobby Grade. And already, it's a money pit. Just ordered a LiPo battery back for it and ball bearings for the wheels. Planning on getting an Atomic BB II motor for it later, when I can find one in stock again, and might upgrade the suspension, arms and supports to aluminum later (or snake all of those parts from the Used HighRoller that I run as my beater - previous owner spec-ed it up with some hop-ups and then dropped it for peanuts to make quick cash.) Loving these toys!


Next up on my list is either an Electric Traxxas Summit, or a Nitro T-Maxx, unless something more interesting makes its way onto my radar :D

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Recently got back into racing Kyosho Mini Z's at a local track here.


May 14.jpg



Even ended up picking up the newer MR03 with the 2.4ghz ASF boards. The newer autoscale bodies are so damn pretty and detailed.



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i so want another 4wd rc10 with every option lol. i had one and i drove it into a lake triportsad.gif i can't really spend that on one again with other things i need right now. it was so much fun though. my first buggy was this tamaya grasshopper or something. yeah, been doing it for a bit.

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Reviving this thread from the grave,


Anyone still in to RC?


I currently have a heavily upgrade Axial RR10 Bomber as my main basher, and 2 x Tamiya TT-01's that are currently being built up in to rally cars :)


I raced Short Course are my local off-road truck last year which was great fun, I ran a HPI Blitz.

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