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Originally Posted by stewtheking View Post
Just bit the bullett.

I am really looking forward to tearing it up with this thing. As I'm a teacher, and have access to the school gym out of hours, I should also be able to put it through its paces out of the cold, even through the winter months.
I'm a teacher too, and I also use our gym to race around in with a few of my friends. We use our Mini Z 4wd for this, as the 2wd simply do not have enough traction on the gym floor. We use the 2wd for upstairs in our library. There is short pile carpet in there which is perfect.
I also have an old TA01 Tamiya 4wd car. I couldn't get the proper tires to hook up on the gym floor though.
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Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
What engine/esc are you using?
Everything is stock. E-Maxx is titan 550 motors and EVX esc, Savage has a
k4.6 engine.
The E is not particularly fast but certainly a good hill-climber.

I should really sell the E-Maxx since it has been used very little in the last few years. On the other hand I am quite fond of it and reluctant to part with it.
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By hill climber i assume you include crawling? Not exactly the first car i'd put in that class. Heard, and and not surprised, its a great car for bashing. It should function great for scaring neighbourhood kids

Have been eying brushless for a few days. Chances are i'd get a Ezrun 13.5t or 10t combo for €60-70. High top speed isn't really my concern, just need more power and bit more speed.
Still haven't got the drive axle.... Team Associated parts are apparently hard to get in the Netherlands.
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Nope I mean just finding a hill and seeing if I could drive up it!
Actually when I got the E-Maxx maybe 7 or 8 years ago I had never really heard of rock crawling.

All this brushless talk makes my gear feel rather outdated!
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I'd really like to try the Traxxas Summit...speed and rock climbing in one truck...and apparently it does both quite well.
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I just got into RC cars myself about a month ago. These are fun to mod.

I have considered selling all of my redundant audio gear and throwing my money at this hobby.

Here are some pics of a Traxxas Rustler converted to a VXL brushless.

A lot more pics here.
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Great pics...nice Traxxas!
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Looks real nice, nicer pics too! Its just so.. clean How does it behave?
Traxxas has very good looking cars. My next car will be a traxxas truggy, for bashing.
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I am really happy with Traxxas. The Rustler VXL will do wheelies in the grass and its very fast.

This is a very addicting hobby. Lots of upgrades for these RC cars.

I just bought a Traxxas Slash 1/16 VXL Brushless truck:
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Slash is always nice
Very strong i've been told.

Nearly fried my stock 17t motor. Probably too large pinion....
Motor smoked and smells but still works. Battery connectors got baked together though.

I just ordered some new gear.
Graupner XG-6i Race spec 2.4GHz
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Thinking about getting a 4wd Associated RC18R 1/18 scale on road Niteline racer. Pretty reasonably priced.
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Ive been meaning to get my 1/8 buggy working again for the past 5 years. Do any of you guys know how to get gummy fuel out of a tank? I was going to replace the tank, but it isn't made anymore. I loved it when my car was working. It was so effin fast. I havent even fully broken in the new engine that I got for it. a problem arose somewhere and I had no clue where it was, now I know its the switch, but I just have to have some time to repair it.
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i used to have this bad boy. one of my friends had a full length course in his back yard. fun times.

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That reminds me of the classica Tamiya cars and buggies.
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Video from out last racing day. They guys i joined made an off-road course on industrial area were they are gonna build in the future. Untill then, its ours
YouTube - boekelermeer 14 maart 2010

Just ordered a new body for the sc10.
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