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Received my RE272 today. Listening to Mono is no more noise now. Marvelous separation of instruments.

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Head-Direct has given me awesome customer support over the past 1 year on 3 products.  

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Originally Posted by sphinxvc View Post

Head-Direct has given me awesome customer support over the past 1 year on 3 products.  

You needed support for 3 of their products in the past year?

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Originally Posted by .Sup View Post

You needed support for 3 of their products in the past year?

Yes, two were relatively minor, I had accessories fail.  My re-zero's balanced adapter failed one of those times.


Point is, whatever it was, it was all painless.

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I have had a very positive experience with Head-direct products and customer service. I ordered both the RE0 and the RE-262 and tried them out for a week. They are both outstanding IEMs and almost as soon as I heard them, I was certain I was keeping at least one of them (I've bought and returned several IEMs from other manufacturers over the past couple of months, unhappy with how they sounded).


It was difficult choosing between the two, but in the end I settled on the RE0 because its higher sensitivity works better with my MP3 player (an iphone). The process of returning the RE-262 could not have gone more smoothly. I called the customer service number, spoke to a very helpful and professional Ms T, obtained the address that items must be returned to and mailed out the headphones via USPS with delivery confirmation and insurance.


The headphones were delivered to their Woodside, NY address on August 26th. The refund was applied to my card today (August 27th).


Meanwhile, I've been very happy with the sound of my new RE0s. Head-direct should be congratulated on creating a fantastic IEM. I'm not an audiophile, but I have listened to music obsessively all my life and a wide variety of it. These headphones handle everything with remarkable poise.



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I have ordered two E7's from head-direct yesterday. Paid via Paypal. The amount has been charged to my credit card, but I can't see any indication on the website that they are preparing the shipment or something like that. My order still says not paid. My mails are not being answered. So far, I wouldn't recommend Head-Direct to anyone. I had to use them to buy the E7s but I'd rather do without them if having them means dealing with Head-Direct. Major let-down for me so far.
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I tried to buy SoundMagic PL50 earphones from Head Direct through Amazon.


Although the transaction was completed and my credit card charged, they've cancelled the order hours later for their courier refusing to deliver at my adress (no adress restrictions were informed beforehand).


Now they don't reply my emails regarding my refund.




If I ever have my money back, I will come back here and tell.







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I tried to buy a pair of the new HE series velour pads which are not listed on their website. Their customer service said it was $30 and requested me to forward the paypal transaction page to them. I did exactly that 3 weeks ago, and when I send a email several days ago asking them why I still don't receive them. They replied today:


'Have you purchased the velour earpads and forwarded the transaction page to me for reference?'


Apparently,they don't check their emails, nor do they care about paypal notifications, or they are just playing dumb on me. Communication was very slow too, usually takes them 2-3 days to reply my email.


Very bad buying experience.

I'll come back to tell how it goes in the future.


EDIT: They replied a week later with a tracking number saying the package is on the way. Still, can't say this is a pleasant buying experience. My suggestion is, if you are buying from them, make sure to ask them if they received your order, and if you have questions, try to list them all in a single email because emailing back n forth with them is just plain slow.




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Let me tell you about the horrible experience I'm going through.  Thursday Jan 5 2012 I my wife ordered a pair of Hifiman he-500 and had them overnighted.  It didn't get sent until late Friday "and to be fair its probably different timezones since they are in china".  I got them on Monday (yes I know that its not that bad spoiled me with their fast shipping).  On Monday I finally get to open them and I am all excited because I'm going to get to hear them and noticed that the wire looked damaged.  I screwed in the cables and put in a movie to listen to them and only got sound out of one side.  My fears were true the cable looked like it was ripped out of the strain release.  I sent email after email to them trying to get a replacement cable with no response.  I called head-direct and the rep did very little to help me and told me to email customer service again.  My wife finally got an email from them after 4 days with just the word "processing" on it.  It has no ETA or even a course of action in that matter.  I would send them back but you read on all these threads about stuff getting "lost" or "never received".   I can't even start to describe how disappointed I am with Head-Direct and how much I regret doing any business with them.   My impression is that they honestly don't care.  Next time I'm going to use Moon-Audio.  When you dump $699 on headphones not counting the price for overnight shipping and get headphones that you can't even listen to.  There is no excuse for that and if you read this do yourself a favor and don't order from these people.  Do some research and you will see a lot of similar stories about what I'm going through.  I just wish that I was smart enough to read them first and now I'm paying for it.  Does anyone else know what I can do about this?

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I tried contacting Head direct about 3 weeks ago by filling up this form:

I asked for pads replacements as the ones on HE-4 make unbearable crackling noise and are unusable. Haven't received a reply since.


Edit 20.1.12: received reply.


Edit 16.2.12 received earpads


I've received the pads today. Velour pads, with new mounting, very symmetrical unlike the old ones, softer and thicker, perfect. I have sent 3 pads for replacement but asked if I could get 2 pairs and that I would pay for the extra pair. I have received the extra pair free of charge. Today I have also finally decided to order the HE-500 which I liked a lot, partly because of the new pads being thicker and I would have less issues with the metal bar running across the driver and partly because of the good service I have received ever since I made this post. I would like to say; Thank you very much Nankai and Ms. T for your kindness. As of now I will continue to be your customer (4 products and counting).

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I am bumping this post because I have edited my post above. Thank you Head Direct!

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Received the HE-500 as part of a upgrade of one of their other items. Ms. T. was very helpful and responsive with the replies. When I got the package it seemed small as I have received 3 headphones from them before and knew the box should be bigger. After I opened the cardboard I was pleasantly surprised. Inside was a portable case! Haven't been that positively surprised in a while. They added all sorts of accessories. Perfect support and product!


Thank you Head Direct!

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Bought the RE-262 through Head-Direct website. Shipping was lightining-fast with DHL, and above all, NO CUSTOM FEES...which means a lot for the poor EU Head-fiers...the DHL envelope carried a "Exonerated" sticker. I don't know it was just luck but that and the exquisite customer service (a trivial yet misleading misunderstanding with the tracking number was quickly dealt with) should be not overlooked when choosing a dealer.

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Been using the HM601 slim for a few days. While the user interface isn't that great (difficult to scroll through a long list of music), the insane SQ makes up for it. This little unit absolutely blows my S9 out of the water. Loving it. 


+1 for lowering the value of the item to help me avoid customs fees (can be a bit pricey in Canada)

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