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Good luck!

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I bought all my Yuins and RE0 from Head Direct and they sent me every order promptly and securely through first class mail. Never had an issue with these people, they are superb. I always look for their web site for new products and gears. 

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Thanks to Fang/Nankai/Ms. T, for exchanging and/or refunding under their warranty, in three different instances with two different products. Head-Direct has always ended up doing the right thing by me in my experiences with them. Great products with great service, highly recommended!

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I'm having real problems with getting a refund with them. I'll update when I have more info...

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Chinese customs have held my EF-5. They probably saw the vacuum tubes and started assuming...

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Fang was quick to replace my Stax adapter for HE Audio Jade when it stopped working, and he didn't even make me send the defective one back.  He's always answered my emails personally and promptly, and even gave me an extra 10 days to use the loaner HE-6 so that I could compare them to a pair of LCD-2 that were coming to me.  I have many products from head-direct and will remain their customer for a long time.

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Preordered HM602 and got it the next day after receiving email that the product was shipped. Together with the RE 262 this must be the best value for the price I have ever paid. Thanks Head direct!

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I made business twice with Head-direct : HM-801 in 2009 and HM-602 in 2010 (preordered both). Each time I had to wait (1 month or 2), but it's normal since it's preorder. The communication and service were excellent both times. Very fast and adorable responses to emails, goodwill gesture when needed (to compensate for the wait). Everything always arrived in a perfect state, and products were of the best quality.


If I have too, I will not hesitate to make business a third time with Head-direct. I hope the product quality and service quality will last as Head-Direct grows.


A very very good experience so far o2smile.gif



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I have ordered RE0, PK2, and HM-601 on different occasions from Head-Direct, and have always been very satisfied with the customer service (not to mention the high quality products).

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I purchased a pair of he-6 some time ago. This has been on of the worst transactions ever. below is some quotes I made in the he-6 thread. With this level of customer service, and unwillingness to make things right, I couldn't recommend this company to anyone.



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I contacted dhl. It was the correct tracking number. It was addressed in my name, but had the wrong address. I don't see how head-direct could screw up my address like that. I had to fax dhl a change of address in order for them not to deliver it to CA and deliver it to my address. I have not heard back from head-direct. I also called and left messages. No reply as of yet. This is bad business. The address is correct on my receipt. If I hadn't caught it in time, someone else could be enjoying my he-6s right now.

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Agreed. I hope it's worth all of this trouble I've gone through. I've yet to get a response from them. I also don't like the fact that I had to get this corrected on my own through dhl. I give them points for their willingness to correct this without having to get confirmation from head direct. I really doubt I would have gotten the same willingness from any other carrier.

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Well I finally got a reply from Mrs T. She told me that I had already signed for the package. Wow, I live in AL and my headphones are in CA, and I've signed for the package? That along with the tracking number she was referring to was all she said. The message seemed very cold. The problem is the tracking number she was referring to was for a pair of replacement headpads for the he-5s I received a month ago. So I corrected her and sent a copy of my receipt which shows the "correct" address and gave her the "correct" tracking number. And guess what.....have not heard back from her. No apology or willingness to accept responsibility, nothing.  And to make matters worse, initially the tracking info said "rescheduled for for delivery as agreed", but now the shipment has been placed on hold. So now I need to make another phone call to dhl. This has been one of the biggest headaches. I know 1000.00 might not be much to some, but for me it's way too much money to spend(on headphones no less) to have this level of customer service and incompetence.

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Well I just checked the tracking on mine, and it says it's out for delivery in San Diego, Ca. The problem is I live in Alabama. I called the customer service number but it has been disconnected. I did email them. I really hope they gave me the wrong tracking number and are not delivering my headphones in California.

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I was too quick to compliment dhl. After confirmation my package would be shipped to the right address, and that I would receive it today, it was placed on hold last night. Called them back, they told me it would be taken care of. So after that, it was shipped the LA. Now this morning it has been placed on hold again. I tried contacting Mrs T again and still no response. It's like we have your money, so now you're on your own. I'm really contemplating returning these as soon as I get them and do what should have done the first time and buy some headphones from a "reputable" company. Unless I'm absolutely wowed, that's what I think I'm going to do. But based on how things have been taking place I might not even get my money back.


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I apologize for the mistake. We will ship another HE-6 to you tomorrow.

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Excellent customer service.  I did ask for shipping confirmation.  Hifiman HM-601 (w/RE-0) was backordered for a couple days and still got my order within 7 days from placing the order.  Everything looks good right out of the box, no issues.  Ordered shipped via USPS but you can ask them to ship faster if necessary.  Thanks, will buy from them again.

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Been waiting since January 10th for exchange of my hd-601. It was a lemon. It's now been over a week since I've heard anything and cant get a response from customer support. fml

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<Edited My Previous Review>


I was previously having trouble getting information out of C.S. with many back and forth emails to no avail.  I sent a summery message last night indicating that I was disappointed to still not have any status update on my order after many emails over the past weeks.  They responded that it appeared there was a technical problem on their end with my order.  They finally got things resolved this week an my headphones should be here tomorrow.


It happens so all should end well.


<Second Edit>


Well, I am not the most satisfied customer so far.  After it taking nearly 3 weeks to get communication on the status of my order (which was due to an error on their end - understandable), the headphones I received fell apart in the first few hours of use.  I've contacted customer service so we shall see where this goes.  I'd like to just get out/return these and/or switch to a different product.  Underwhelmed so far.



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That sucks, but what's an HE0? tongue.gif


I know they can be frustrating sometimes, but they are a small operation people-wise. Keep trying (but not too often) and keep it courteous and they will do the right thing by you eventually. That's my experience with them anyways.

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