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Head-Direct (Nankai)

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Fang was great with customer support when he helped me out with a problem with a pair of headphones. My experience was excellent and I look forward to doing business with him in the future.
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Head-Direct (Nankai)

I recently bought a pair of RE-252 IEM's from Fang. The customer service department was excellent. They answered all my questions, and my headphones were shipped quickly and everything was as promised.
Highly recommended, and would buy from them again.

Thanks Fang!
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Got my purchase from their online site very quickly!
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I have had several transactions w/ Head Direct over the last few years. Everyone of them has been nicely attended and resolved by Fang and his staff. Thanks.
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Fang's staff is very helpful, I remember calling them over the phone from Australia,they were glad to discuss the shipping, price of the RE0, time for delivery and so on without getting frustrated on my questions, she even said please e-mail me if you come across any other questions as one tends to miss a few queries while on the phone, was really happy to guide me through the website, discussed warranty.
I would definitely do business with them again.
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had problem with iem - had fast replacement ...
excellent response to emails ...

Fang, keep up the good work ...
Keep delivering high quality (build and sound) at affordable prices ... you are a winner
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Ordered a Zycable LOD last thursday, got the TNT tracking number 2 days later or so I received the package within one week. Excellent service and product quality!!

Highly recommended!
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My HE-5 were one of the last pair shipped express mail (Head Direct now uses UPS), and were delayed 5-weeks into Christmas.

Fang contacted me by phone ready to do whatever it took to make me a satisfied customer, and on top of that the phones are excellent.
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Dear Fang,
I purchased one HE-5 from a sales rep in Thailand.
I experienced cracking of the wooden part and has to change twice and this is now my third HE-5. The sales rep in Thailand is doing a good job and they replace it right away. However I'm still concerned that the problem will happen again. I heard that there is new version coming and the wooden part is changed into the metal one. Can you replace my third HE-5 to the HE-5LE , I am more willing to pay extra for the metal one
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This is a long term feedback post.


I bought one of the first HifiMan HM-801 from Head-Direct.  Excellent customer support.


Fang was very helpful when I had problems with mine, and even replaced it when I had problems with noise issues that most normal people would never even notice.  Head-Direct was willing to stand up to even the pickiest nitpickers like me.  I have since gotten a GAME amp card as well, which is working nicely as well.


The HM-801 is an innovative high end product that would never see the light of day from any big manufacturer like Apple or Sony, or even other big "high end" audio manufacturers. 


I am very glad I got one, and look forward to future innovative high end products from Fang and Head-Direct.



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I have had many dealings with Head-Direct over the past few years, and all have been superb in every way.  Customer service is first-rate, and all of my emails have been promptly answered. 


My latest purchase was the newly-introduced HE-5LE planar headphone.  I find this to be one of the best-sounding headphones that I have owned.  Fit, finish and sonic performance leave little to be desired. 


It is always a pleasure to do business with Fang.   I look forward to continuing to do business with him in the future.


Ron Kerlin


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I don't know who this "Ms. T" is but when I email Head-Direct, she responds to my questions!   I want a picture, Fang.  (And don't just shoot anyone.)


My experiences have been great and here they are in chronological order:

1.  Bought HiFi Man RE0's

2.  Bought Yuin PK-1

3.  Bought Yuin PK-3

4.  Returned HiFi Man RE0's

5.  Bought Zycable LOD after the RE0 refund successfully hit my account.


No issues.  Happy.  What a relief.

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Bought an HE-5 + EF-5 combo. The HE-5 had cracked wood out of the box - Head Direct is rather reluctant to help me. They've ignored 1/7 of my emails, and Nankai has ignored 1/1 of my PMs. They are however, in my case, reliable by phone, answering both my calls professionally.


I wanted an upgrade to the LE edition because of the cracked wood, Nankai/Mr. Fang Bian (Mr. Convenient in Chinese) declined. I tried again, emailing them about it, and they said they'd consider it, but after all my experiences, I'd rather not - especially when shipping to China is either $50 at 2 months or $100 at 2 weeks.


Trying to get a refund now.. We'll see how this goes.

Even if they do accept my refund, I've lost a lot from shipping and probably have gotten white hairs from dealing with them. If they do not handle my case satisfactorily (I'm not expecting a reimbursement on shipping, but I definitely am expecting $899 back), I have no reservations with saying that I would absolutely never deal with them again under any circumstances.

Editted to lessen potential confusion.

Edited by Vergex2 - 6/1/10 at 6:20am
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Any updates, Vergex?

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Originally Posted by CEE TEE View Post

Any updates, Vergex?

I think they've approved of the return.

However, I'm in no hurry to lose more from shipping, so I'm shipping by snail mail. I wouldn't be surprised if it took a few months to get there.

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