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For sale a pair of UE Triple Fi 10 which i bought from member |Joker|, who kindly send them to me in Europe, from Amazon's sale.
I only opened them to try it out , the sound is great, but i really dont get the right way to fit them in my ears, unless i have both hands holding them!
I even think to send them to some company to reshell, but unfortunately in Europe i dont find any, only in US and China, and the time of waiting, plus the shiping, plus the VAT,made me change my mind.
So im looking no more no less than what ive paid for, which was 99$ + shiping.
(the shiping price will include aditional cost)
PM for shiping price, worldwide.
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sale pending
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if not gone yet I'll buy. (I'm in eu so no additional vat)
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PM sent
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are these still on sale?
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the item is SOLD.
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