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All Sony Unit Specs Link (Japanese)

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PCDPS A bunch of useless jiberish and model numbers and pics
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I think that's all of them
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Anybody know how to get the english version?
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The fish?
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haha, I don't want to translate them myself~!
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There is no English version, because that's Sony Japan's website.

That is not an PCDP-only list, click on through and you'll see everything from DVD players, Neige MD blanks, TVs to god-knows-what.

There are really no specs, because this is a list of all the product catalog pages.

These pages include things that are no longer in production (will tell you in Japanese on top left of each product page), are often not current information. They're often a completely different set from the product info you can access from the top page of the website.

*accent* otay? otay.

Now, so that you don't think I'm rude, here's the real, current table of Sony PCDP specs:


It doesn't really say anything we don't already know IMO, but if you want I'll translate it.
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does anyone have a link to in formation on older sony models, like the d-777 discman, the dd9 quartz walkman, or the d3 pro walkman? i don't care what language it is in.
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For the cassette ones, try this Japanese site:


This guy collected Sony's Walkman catalogs for 20 years and these are from the catalogs. Go to 1985-87 for the D3, 1989-91 for the DD9. A blurb was written for each of them.

Again, I'll be happy to help with the Japanese.
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Sorry about the big comotion, I thought the site would have an english counterpart that would have all the specs of everything.
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thanks! i remeber that site from last year, but i lost the url.

just for kicks i used babelfish to translate the dd9 specs:

"< Playback professional ultimate weapon > type name: WM-DD9 (carrying porch attachment) alias: DD QUARTZ walkman itself size (WxHxD): 77.7?~109.2?~33.1mm weight (the charge pond it includes): 330g power source: Attachment gum type charge pond (NC-6WM) ?~1 single three dry cell battery ?~1 electrical power service lines (optional AC adapter AC-D1M) ƒJ?[ƒoƒbƒeƒŠ (optional ƒJ?[ƒoƒbƒeƒŠƒR?[ƒh cDcc-70) electric battery life: Manganese electric battery 1 hour, alkaline electric battery 5.5 hour (single three dry cell batteries) 2.5 hours (charge type electric battery) installed capacity: Headphone output 5mw+5mw noise reduction: DOLBY-B/C attachment headphone: MDR-E575 EX D.B.B. Circuit * automatic reverse functional on-board standard price: 43,000 Yen (classified by tax) "

Playback professional ultimate weapon

if the interal amp for the dd9 is rated at 5x5, it must have a lot of headroom. the cost of this in 1990 yen (converted to us$) was $299. veeeery interesting.
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I hope the supplied earbuds are as good as those years. Sony supplied a very good buds (E575) back then...unlike a piece of crap...sony mdr-e801 for the Sony MZ-R900
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i'd like to say the e575 are good buds but... they just ain't. not as good even as the e848.
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I know that the e575 is not as good as my 484; however, this is a very highend bud. I have one Sony CD player in the early 1990 and this badboy equiped with the E471 ( very similar the 484, but a plastic housing with regular OFC cable)
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