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Yeah, it's the same cable for the most part. The only difference is the rubber wrap where the cable meets the jack. I bought mine from ibasso with my D4.
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I eventually bought a LOD for the Sony X1050. It's a DIY from a Chinese manufacturer. It came in a nice foampadded box and it seems to be the real deal. When hooked to an amp the X's volume controls stop working. I can't judge the SQ improvement just yet but I'll get back on this in due time.
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Does the sony x-1050 has a real line out or same as the headphone output ?

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please tell me I have X1050 I use Fiio E7 and I want to ask Ibassso T3 bass is stronger than Fiio E7?

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It will be more refined bass.  It does not have bass boost like the E7.

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This means you do not need to buy Ibasso t3? What power can give the bass more than E7 ??&&&?&?

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I meant the T3's bass will be more refined then E7.

For more bass quantity, you will have to get a bass boost cMoy v2 from ebay or something else.  The latest version give +9dB bass boost, I've read.  If that doesn't make you happy, grab another headphone with a lot more bass.

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Are you sure you ibasso T3 stronger bass Fiio E7? I need exactly, I do not want to spend money for nothing!

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Not stronger, better.  stronger =/= better


Maybe should consider headphones/earphones with stronger bass.

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I made ​​a recording to a computer via Line-out! see how it sounds with the amplifier E7 and without it link below! and tell me what headphone amplifier can provide a powerful bass!


Mad Max

earphones I've bought! why buy earphones do not offer!

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I see.

Well, there's the Bass Boost cMoy v2 on ebay like I said, or a used iBasso T4, and I think there's a thread somewhere on modifying the T4 for lower noise floor plus more bass.  Other amplifiers with bass boost do not give as much boost, if I am not mistaken.


Earphones cannot give you that much bass?  Have you tried the IE8?  Monster Turbine Pro Gold or Miles Davis Tribute?  There are more earphones that can give plenty of bass, search for them.

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Have you tried the IE8

yt.PNG      cq.gif

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Have you tried the IE8

yt.PNG                     cq.gif

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Originally Posted by Kvud View Post


yt.PNG  119730y.gif


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You referring to this?

That's it.  I've read that it has plenty of bass.  I would personally get Turbine Pro Copper, which I already heave.  =p  Fast, powerful bass, aside from other great qualities.  No amp necessary most of the time.

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