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Rudistor NX33 vs Yamamoto HA-02

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Anyone can offer a comparison between the two similarly priced units.

The most important attributes I am looking for are resolution of details and tonality. I currently do not have some demanding phones so both should have adequate drive in my situation.

Would paying more for the Rudistor RPX-33 better the Yamamoto as well ?

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Given this choice I'd go with Yamamoto. You can model it's sound pretty well just changing the tubes. It's sound is better overall as well than the RudiStor's. This might be different when you choose the full discrete RPX-33 but I haven't compared them, though. Both RudiStor's will be more versatile for driving different headphones as well. The Yammy was intended for headphones around 40 ohms of impedance.
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Yesterday there was a Yammy being sold here for $700, check it out! (no affiliation w/ the seller).
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I don't know much about the Yamamoto, but the NX-33 is balanced, which you might want to consider as an entry level amp to the balanced world.
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Don't know about the yammy.I have owned the NX33 and found it excellent.Good Luck.
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Based on the reputation of both, I would buy the Yamamoto. If you can find it for $700, then it's a no-brainer.
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