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Lady GaGa

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Please, I am a 47 year old middle aged man. What would people think of me booming this out of my car window. I am falling into the same type of shallow Madonna music I did in 1986. Help me Head-fi! At this point in life I always thought I would be playing a classical arm-chair conductor. At least I am not dancing around the house in my underwear. Not yet anyway.

Should I just throw the cd away? Maybe this is a micro phase and it will be over by morning. The part that hurts is I'm getting into the lyrics now. Maybe I should just stop all music for awhile and play DVDs. This is really bad. Help me out before it is too late!

Ok, So by 12:30am tonight I just may be going out to a club. This stuff has got to sound great at high volume in night clubs. A couple of drinks.................Do you see what is happening. I feel like the Wolfman in some old black and White Universal thriller. Changing becoming something I really have no control over! The moon is full! Where are my car keys?
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our taste in music truely is a fickle beast....the best of luck to you redcarmoose
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burn it with fire.
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Pwease, Gaga booming from your car window isn't bad taste.

I can think of plenty worse - if you want to offend me to no ends, for instance, you could be playing John Mayer.
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I like lady gaga. She's making some great pop music
Keep the cd
hopefully she does more stuff like this...
+ YouTube Video
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Just dance....
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Originally Posted by righteousball View Post
Pwease, Gaga booming from your car window isn't bad taste.

I can think of plenty worse - if you want to offend me to no ends, for instance, you could be playing John Mayer.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy! JM is great! excellent (self taught IIRC) guitar player and a real funny guy.

Anyway he (oops sorry I mean she) isn't too bad, she's one of the rare occurances in music where an artist crops up that something about them sets them apart from the others and you know they're not just a one hit wonder..Brittanny Spears is another example. However personally speaking I hate her music.
haha she was on the x-factor..this is the UK's version of American Idol, doing a perfomance and it was universally accepted as being completely bizzare with her writhing around in a bathtub full of bubble whilst 'performing', and then after the performance she was asked what advice she would give to the contestants and she said 'just be yourself' lmao ironic much?
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well people probably wont think anything, do you care what any one else is listening to?

if you enjoy it then listen to it, its like macdonalds "food" just because you know its crap it doesnt mean you cant really love it at times
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Trow away Lady GaGa and start listening to ABBA again. No one will mind if you blast them on your car stereo; they will just think you are having a journey to your childhood.

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I honestly think there's nothing wrong with listening to her. She actually really can sing, it's just the genre that she's in doesn't let it show.
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There is no problem here with Gaga. All the singles I've heard, have been catchy as a cold. To me, there are bigger things to worry about than chart pop music and find it funny that such a thing would draw the ire of some.
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Think of it as excellent 21st century "lieder" and you'll be fine.
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Thank-you folks, I needed that input.
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Despite her popularity, I've enjoyed what I've heard so far.
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I just borrowed one of her CD's. Does she have more than one? I really don't know. I haven't heard her music at all as of yet but opinions of her are so divided, people seem to either really love her or really hate her, that I want to see what all the love or vitriol is about. However I'm really from the thrash/speed/death metal camp, so I'm not really expecting to like it, but we'll see.
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