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Hey all,

My parents want audio in two rooms of their house. My mom recently called me asking if she should buy the Bose system at Sam's Club for around $400. I told her I could double quality for half the price (or less). They are still batting around the idea and when they eventually do figure something out, I'll do all the setup. Here's basically what I'm looking for, which I'm guessing some of you have sitting around and need/want to get rid of:

1. A receiver or amp capable of driving at least 2 pairs of speakers, preferably simultaneously. Something that could drive 3 pairs may be desirable, but it might not be necessary. This could be a vintage type piece, but I want to ensure that there are no functional issues. A receiver with a tuner would be nice since my mother adores the radio. The source will probably be 50% computer/50% tuner. If you've got an amp without a tuner, I'm sure I could pick up a very cheap tuner later.
2. 2 pairs of speakers. These need to be a very small bookshelf type or wall mountable speakers. They don't have to be up to most of the standards of most of the people here (or myself), they just basically have to play listenable music and 'look nice' as my mom puts it. They don't necessarily need to be the same type/brand.
3. Also, if you've got a decent amount of lamp wire or similar type speaker cable, I'll probably need some long runs. This, though, I can probably just buy at Rat Shack.

Let me know if you've got anything you'd like to get off your hands and I can relay the information and possibly make a purchase.