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Orange County Meet: 1/30/2010 - Page 3  

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can i bring two people? i know one person for sure is interested
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Sure. But it's your responsibility if anything they handle gets damaged.
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Is it a requirement to bring some gear?
I have speakers but no headphones.
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Originally Posted by NumLock View Post
Is it a requirement to bring some gear?
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I am still trying to decide on headphones and amps. This meet will definitely help me out.
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Eric and John, you're in for sure, right?
PJ, I'm still planning to come, and will likely go to an after event dinner, if there is one.

I still haven't decided if/what I'm bringing. I have a few pieces on loan, and am waiting to hear back about the possibility of debuting a tube amp from a So. Cal. manufacturer. Stay tuned.....
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Yeah, I was going to be debuting the Audio-gd Reference Seven but it doesn't look like I'll have it until mid-February, around the same time my amp should be done.
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Sounds good, I can't wait to hear it.
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I hope I can stop by. I'll bring some music.
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Very cool
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Unsure if I can make it anymore, pull my HA-RX700 out please. Sorry.

Hopefully I can go.
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You're a little light on gear atm PJ!
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Tell me about it. No amp, no DAC. But that won't be the case in a month. (Well, actually I do have a DAC, the Transporter, but I don't use it for that even though it's still a very good DAC.)
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I really want to be there. I may not know if I can make it till the day before. I will email you a list of stuff to add to equipment list. This time maybe the W5LE and Rega Planet along with the AH-D 7000s. I really want to meet everyone again. The last meet was so fun.
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thanks for setting this up!

if I make it, I'd bring recabled Beyer DT880s, an iMod, and a WA3+. also might pack one CIA VDA2 with PSU, since it's small, but not sure about a source in that case.
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