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Orange County Meet: 1/30/2010 - Page 2  

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Can't wait to hear all of your rigs. I could pay my car off several times with some of your systems.
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shaizada, please update my source as I JUST purchased a Peachtree Audio Nova on Audiogon.

If my Electrocompaniet ECD1 doesn't sell by then, I'll bring both the Nova and ECD1.
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Hope to see you again...

Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
I'm in. I'll bring what's in the sig and the Moth if I get a chance to wrench on it.

And Mr. Samuels is going to be there? Cool - I look forward to seeing you, Ray!
It will be great to see you too my friend. We did have lots of fun last time if you remember. I am looking forward to seeing all of you again. I will bring as much as possible to this meet hopefully we all will have a ball.
The new F117, Nighthawk, phono stage will be there, if you have some of your great albums, please bring them over. Also we will bring & for the first time the Ultra portable Balanced headphone amp, the first of it's kind in the world, THE PROTECTOR. If you have the Ultimate ears, 10/11 & the JH13PRO,
you can listen to them through the balanced wire we will bring & explore the world of balanced portables.
See you there.
Ray Samuels
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Thanks Ray! Looks like we JH13 owners are in for a treat.
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Originally Posted by shaizada View Post
I think he is planning to bring the whole thing. B52 with R10 and A10 with HE90. I will let him disclose that information in case I am wrong.
That would be great! I had fun talking to Ray and his family at CanJam and look forward to seeing them/him again.

Ray, I need to give you an address to send a connector for the Protector. Peter of Double Helix Cables is going to make a very nice adaptor (your 4-pin to dual 3-pin female XLR) for the meet. His headphone cables are the best I've ever heard, by a wide margin. I just need to get from you the pinouts. Please send me a PM if you can.
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I should be able to make this one.

Simaudio Moon Supernova CDP
Exactpower EP15A
HE60(most likely)
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Wow, finally a local meet on my weekend off

Most likely will be bringing:

HE Audio 1.2b electrostat
Headphile Woodied Sennheiser HE60 electrostat

Stax SRD7 MkII transformer box with single-ended tube amp of some sort..
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If anyone has the beyerdynamics DT880 or DT990 could you also bring those? Im in the market i think for Some DT880's and would like to hear the sound signature before buying. ofcourse after this event might find something else i might like.
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Excited by going to my first meet... humbled by what's out there and exploring this new world. Can't wait to listen to all your rigs and get familiarized by what's out there. Will bring following:

HD 600 with ALO SXC Cryo 18awg cable
Eddie Current Lunchbox
Modified Music Hall CD25.2 CDP
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Originally Posted by igotyofire View Post
If anyone has the beyerdynamics DT880 or DT990 could you also bring those? Im in the market i think for Some DT880's and would like to hear the sound signature before buying. ofcourse after this event might find something else i might like.
If Donald North comes I'm almost positive he will bring those, along with some Beyer 911 made in the 90's that sound slightly better than any of their current models (perhaps with the exception of the T1 since I haven't heard it yet). The DT880/600 is an excellent phone though and probably the best current Beyer other than the T1.
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this looks interesting, tentatively mark me down, i'll know better as the date gets closer.
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Looks like I can't go, of if I can only the later part. If i do I will bring just a minimal setup that won't take up much room. Macbookpro w/amarra->Pico dac->Lisa lll->?? DX1000 or HD800 or HD650 or at-esw9. Just don't know yet and it is a ways down there. Thanks for hosting it though Shaizada.
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You're welcome Dallan,

I have ZERO experience in hosting meets etc, but the reason I stepped up is because I know so many people showed interest and there was no venue and or details near the original Jan 9th date.

I figured what the hec, lets just do it at home. I'll try to make as much space as possible and distribute it out on a first come first served basis

If we run out of space, there is a patio table in the back that can also be used. It's just outside....but we'll see how it goes.

I'm mainly concerned about snacks and drinks. Should have have some nibbles for everyone? Can others volunteer to bring snacks and drinks?
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what about pitching in for a pizza? makes a good snack....
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People can bring snacks too but I say we organize an after-meet dinner like we do every time. Usually people just go out for lunch if they want. The last meet the host brought the coffee and someone else brought bagels and cream cheese.

Eric and John, you're in for sure, right?
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