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Orange County Meet: 1/30/2010 - Page 10  

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Jon L, I wish we had exchanged phone numbers. We are all at the Brea Mall Cheesecake factory. I think we lost each other. If u read this do come!

If not, get your back well again... It was just fun having your setup over, despite a hurt back. Very courageous of you!

Call me if you want to come over.... 714 851 5546.
Doh. I walked into BJ's with a gazillion people waiting but not you guys, so I figured you went somewhere else. No worries. Next time Gives me time to upload some photo's first.
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It was nice meeting you guys and letting me listen to your equipment. I had to leave early for a birthday party. Next time I can stick around longer and bring my own gear.

Those electrostat phones were awesome! Bad idea for me to experience them, bad for my wallet that is.

Thanks again. My name is Jayson for those I met.
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Post impressions here:

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