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Orange County Meet: 1/30/2010  

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Guys, please bring extension cords etc for yourself and others if possible. That would ease my life immensely as I want everyone to get a decent way to setup.

Here is the Essential information:

Time: January 30th, 2008. 11AM to 6PM

Place: Heaven

EDIT: Thanks to Moonboy (Gary) we have the equipment list again! You rock man! Definitely A1 in my books.

AKG K-1000 x3
AKG K701
AKG K-340
Aperio Alpha 1
Audio Technica ATH-6
Audio Technica ATH-700
Audio Technica ATH-AD700
Audio Technica AD2000
Audio Technica ATH-M50
Beyer DT48
Denon D5000's (JMoney pads)
Grado HF-1
Grado HF-2 x2
Grado HP-2 x2
HE Audio 1.2b
HE Audio Jade
Sennheiser HE90
Sennheiser HE60 x3
Sennheiser HD-800 x4
Sennheiser HD 600
Sennheiser HD-414
Sennheiser IE8
Sony MDR-SA5000
Sony MDR-7509HD
Sony R10
Stax SR Omega II Mk1 x2
Stax SR Lambda
Stax SR Lambda Signature
Stax SR Lambda Nova Signature
Stax SR Sigma
Stax SR Sigma Pro
Stax SR 5

eXStatA SS
Stax SRM-717
Stax SRM-T1S
Stax SRM-T1
Stax SRM1-MK2 (C series)
Stax SRD7 MkII
Heed Canamp
DarkVoice 336SE
EC Zana Deux
Woo Audio 6SE
Bravo Tube amp
Manley Stingray
Millet Hybrid MiniMax
RSA A10 Thunderbolt II
RSA The Protector
EC Lunchbox
HifiMan EF2 (upgraded tubes)
EML 2A3 solid plate tubes (maybe)
Audio Note P2SE (maybe)
RSA Hornet
Grado amp

Accuphase DP-75
Keces DA-131
Headamp Pico DAC only
Mhdt Labs Paradisea (Maybe)
Peachtree Audio Nova
Buffalo 32
Simaudio Moon Supernova CDP
Modified Music Hall CD25.2 CDP
Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 (upgraded tubes, Jellyfish, Cryoparts USB)
Pioneer Elite 47Ai SACD/DVD-A
Naim CD5x (maybe)
Sony D25

Exactpower EP15A
ProJect RM6a with Sumiko Blue Oyster Special
Project PhonoBox
RSA F-117 Nighthawk
Rotel 5.1 Processor
Rotel 5.1 Power Amp
Quad 22L Loudspeakers

1) shaizada (host)
2) IPodPJ
3) n3rdling
5) Nooc
6) Santacore
7) Myk7000
8) Igotyofire (and two friends)
9) Moonboy403
10) AtomikPi
11) Ray Samuels
12) Deadneddz
13) Jon L
14) Yoda’s Apprentice
15) 909 (maybe)
16) Numlock
17) LFF
18) DannyBuoy
19) Donald North
20) yehgermeister
21) Mike1127 (maybe)
22) Strangelove (maybe)
23) KrypticMind
24) Waffle (maybe)
25) Redcarmoose (maybe)

If there is anything else anyone wants to know, please reach out, but that is all we need.
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Reserved for comments.
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Count me in buddy. See you there!

HD800 with balanced Double Helix custom Complement cable
(possibly the Reference One DAC)
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I will most likely be there. Thanks for hosting this meet.


SR Omega2 mk1
SR Lambda
SR Lambda Signature
SR Lambda Nova Signature
SR Sigma
SR Sigma Pro
SR 5


eXStatA SS

SRM1-MK2 (C series)


Assemblage DAC1
Parasound DAC 1100HD

I can also bring the He60 and K1000 if there is interest. I'm guessing there will be some space restrictions (at least compared to a normal meet room), so shaizada just let me know if I should bring less. I wouldn't mind bringing less if you want me to. Also, I should probably have my analog setup by then so I might be able to sub the analog setup in for a couple of my headphones/amps, depending on how easy it is for me to setup by then. Of course, I could also possibly sub out all of the headphones/amps and sub in the Quad setup Just let me know here or in PM which direction you prefer I take shaizada.
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I'm in. I'll bring what's in the sig and the Moth if I get a chance to wrench on it.

And Mr. Samuels is going to be there? Cool - I look forward to seeing you, Ray!
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I'm bringing:

AKG K701
Heed Canamp
DarkVoice 336SE
Keces DA-131
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Analog setups are MORE than welcome at my place

I'll clear out the living room and most setups should be easy to setup there.

Then there is the dining room area and guest room area. I think we should be ok with space, but if there are any problems I'll raise my hand.

n3rdling, hec with the headphones, get the QUAD setup! hehe

Uncle Erik, are you bringing most of the stuff in your signature? Should I list all of it?
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I'm planning to attend. I'll have to get back to you on gear. Whatever I bring, I shouldn't need more then a small-med. size table. I can bring my own if needed.
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HA-RX700 w/ felt mod + cotton/foam mod
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I can most likely attend.

I would bring:

Sennheiser HD800
Sennheiser IE8
Grado HF-2
Woo Audio 6SE
Pico DAC only
Paradisea (Maybe)
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Hey Gaurav,
Is Ray going to bring his R10 and HE90 again?
That would be nice.
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add me to list!

Bravo Tube - AMP
Both my ATH-AD700 & ATH-M50
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Originally Posted by IPodPJ View Post
Hey Gaurav,
Is Ray going to bring his R10 and HE90 again?
That would be nice.
I think he is planning to bring the whole thing. B52 with R10 and A10 with HE90. I will let him disclose that information in case I am wrong.
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Alright, I've had enough missing out on meets. I'm gonna skip work and attend this meet (90% sure).

I'm not about to miss out on seeing the great Head-fiers around LA again.

Put me down for:

Headphone: K1000
Amp: Manley Stingray
Source: Electrocompaniet ECD1
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Originally Posted by shaizada View Post
I think he is planning to bring the whole thing. B52 with R10 and A10 with HE90. I will let him disclose that information in case I am wrong.
If this is the case I will probably have no choice but to come. Have to see how the schedule works out, but if I do come, the beta 22 and buffalo 32s would be with me. Also, a DAC shootout would be fun.
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