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Originally Posted by autash View Post

I finally sent in my triple fi's to be remodeled, does Inearz usually notify you on their status or anything? I just want to make sure they received the impressions and headphones and that they arrived okay.

I don't recall getting any status update for mine. Once they are done, they contact you for payment. You should be able to use tracking to make sure they got them.

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I just got a call from Kaysen, I think the turnaround is about 10 days at the moment, but you can always call them.

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Got mine today, full review will come later once I make sure they are fitting as expected, they seem to need some adjustments here and there.

Initial impression:

  • they got logo-ed although I stated that they shouldn't
  • they dont have the inscription that they asked me for
  • have very good instrument separation as usual for armatures
  • a lot of bubbles and imperfections on the faceplate (facing inside), and the left one (clear gray) pretty much looks dirty inside
  • one side seems to have longer tubes, I don't know if that matters
  • they seem to have added two more resistors inline so there is now three resistors inline on each monitor, unsure why chose to do this, all I wanted was a higher value resistor (apparently they didnt know the value of the original one, not sure why they didn't measure)
  • The sound seems slightly veiled and super bassy compared to the monitors I sent in, I have to test them further. (since I am an er4 type of person, this is not ideal to say the least)
  • Left side is louder than the right


*edit* after two re-fits they were perfect, no bubbles, colors spot-on, no logos and the fit and finish was impeccable.

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Originally Posted by AudioNoob View Post

Sent mine it, the molds were just poured, will let y'all know how they turn out. Anyone using them with post 2010 UE cables?

Somebody in this thread modded his post-2010 UE cables for his Fisher IEM custom.  Sorry, I'm too lazy to check on when the post was made - it was some time ago. Although I really like the angled plug on that cable I think it would be a mistake to mod the plug to fit a standard socket, due to twist and strain from inserting, removing and adjusting the IEM.  Fisher declined my request to use the post-2010 UE socket when I asked for it a few years ago.

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Finally got mine! TF10 remolded.  The fit is pretty good, no discomfort or anything. I do feel like if I push them in enough the seal's almost perfect enough. It takes a bit of fiddling though. For some reason pulling on my earlobes has the same effect. Sound quality is good. Turnaround was pretty fast and Kaysen provided great service. The trans black wasn't dark as I imagined, I would definitely go with a black plate next time so my graphics would be easier to see. Also because there looks like some dirt or gunk inside, not sure what it is.


I can't find the earlier post I read but I remember mentions of clear nail polish helping with the seal. How exactly do I go about doing this? The fit is fine, but if I press in the phones ever so slightly the sound becomes much better.

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(xpost from IEM $80 thread)




Dec 18, 2009

Brand new. Clear color under too warm of a light.





June 7, 2013




SE530 Re-shell # 121109


It has been quite some time since I purchased the re-shell of my se530s. And it is probably one of the best electronic investments I have ever made. They have survived 4 years of undergrad education(stuffed into my backpack and used almost every day). About 20% of the usage of these headphones is when I would be sweating in 90+ degree weather. I cannot even comprehend the amount of hours I have put through these guys while traveling and during study hours. Since Aug 2012 I use them every M-F for 4 hours, and they are still sounding great.



1. Broken wire prong about two years ago. (Fixed with new wires.)

2. Late 2011 the face/cap has been pulled off one one of the units. I used some super glue and it's barely holding on.

3. The clear color isn't the clearest anymore; It definitely has a yellow tint now.

4. Related to #1, as of 2013, I have to make sure the connection between the wire and unit is nice and snug, if not = no sound.


Overall, I am extremely happy that I found the InEarz Thread in 2009 and I really can't imagine how I would have enjoyed my music and life without these headphones. They have definitely allowed me to keep my sanity in the most boring of times. The biggest problem with these headphones is that no-one else can experience the comfort and amazing sound I get to experience every day. However, now I cannot wait to retire these guys and purchase a new set of IEMs and put them to the test.



Original SE530 - $175 (eBay, 2006/7)

Fisher Re-shell - $120 (Dec 2009)

New wire -          $20 or 30 (2011)

    Total - $315

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Based on peoples experiences, how do these remolds compare to inearcustoms?


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I have to thank www.headfi.org! We owe almost all of our business to this website and its subscribers. Without their critique and praise, we would be light years behind our competition. We listen and adjust our manufacturing process every time one of our customers is dissatisfied. Thank you for your honest opinions and wonderful reviews. The only way to be successful is to listen and grow with your customers wants and needs. We strive for perfection everyday, because of you!

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Got my Jh13 Pro reshells back yesterday, I posted an unboxing video on youtube. I'll try to get some good pictures later today in good lighting to put up on here, in the meantime....









For more pictures of these beauties, click here!

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How do you guys think Sony's XBA-4 (qual armature) would do being remolded?
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I must say I am very impressed by InEarz on my ciem's, complete turn around time was 15 days. Colors and artwork came out exactly as I wanted, price was very reasonable, and service was friendly and helpful.

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Originally Posted by wormsdriver View Post

I must say I am very impressed by InEarz on my ciem's, complete turn around time was 15 days. Colors and artwork came out exactly as I wanted, price was very reasonable, and service was friendly and helpful.


Wow, your ciems look really good. InEarz have my impressions and Future Sonics FS1s for a week now, I cannot wait until I get them.

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I thought InEarz didn't reshell iem's with dynamic drivers? This is very interesting since I was considering reshelling my ie8's, but wanted to add 2 extra BA's (high/mids) ala UM.


Please let us know when you get them and post some pics too!smile.gif

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Kaysen just called me to confirmed my iems are completed. She confirmed they do reshell dynamic drivers, however they do not reshell large dynamic drivers (for example 14mm). I'll make sure to post pictures when I get them.

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Thanks for the info. Hope they come out as good as mine! wink.gif
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