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Not sure it has been mentioned, but also check out Rena Jones. Great stuff!
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Gratuitous Youtube linkage:

YouTube - Abakus : A Whole New Way Of Looking At The Day

YouTube - AMETHYSTIUM - Shadow To Light

YouTube - Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor-Crazy Heart

YouTube - SPECTRAL - Avalon
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Oh, and let's not forget Banco de Gaia!
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Originally Posted by Squirsier View Post
Oh, and let's not forget Banco de Gaia!
Have you heard Transmissions from the Planet Dog. It has Banco, Eat Static, Timeshard, and Children of the Bong? It is an oldie but goodie.
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Guys, just had my pod on shuffle and forgot about this one. Don't think anyone has mentioned him.........

+ YouTube Video
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Originally Posted by Squirsier View Post
Oh, and let's not forget Banco de Gaia!
Good call!!!
Last train to Lhasa being one of my favorites...
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Sufani is a great track, but that album as a whole was pretty inconsistent. Still, Gaudi comes up with real gems every once in a while. Dub Qawwali wasn't bad either.
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Electro Organic Sound System is something I've had in my collection for ages. They're worth checking out.
eoss : electro organic sound system

Edit: Actually I'd forgotten how much I like their album Roots Wreck Remix.
Definitely check it out. You can download it straight from their website too.
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Been quiet on here for a while and I need some more recommendations. Don't know who mentioned Orthonorma (Squirsier I think) but this is one of my all time favourite albums now, I love every single track and theres not many albums you can say that about. Check this track out it's on the Time 2 Wait album, just total class....

+ YouTube Video
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Monsieur Minimal "Lollipop"

Emancipator "Safe in the Steep Cliffs"

Ulrich Schnauss "Far Away Trains Passing By"

Thierry David "Zen Pause"

Visit Venus - Music for Space Tourism Vol. 1

O.M.F.O. "Omnipresence"

Darshan Ambient

Krystian Shek "Blue Marine"

Jon Hopkins "Opalescent"

Steve Roach "The Magnificent Void", "Early Man", "Fever Dreams", "Afterlight", "Destination Beyond"
Steve Roach & Erik Wollo "Stream of Thought"
Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf "The Serpent's Lair"
Steve Roach & Vir Unis " Blood Machine"
Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp & Momodou Kah "Trance Spirits"

Robert Rich

Patrick O'Hearn

Liquid Mind "Relax"

Craig Padilla

David Helpling

Easily Embarrassed

Global Communication "76-14"

Between Interval

Aphex Twin

Danieto "Cirugia Casual"

Milinal "Honey Meridian"

Ryan Farish "Movement in Light"

Mint "Cardboard Rocketships"

Disinterested "Behind Us"

Chihei Hatakeyama "Minima Moralia"
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Wallet just recovering....Must. Stay. Out. Of. This. Thread!!!
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I'd like to add a couple and I'm not sure if they were mentioned yet but I'd hate to see some overlooked!

Bombay Dub Orchestra
Kick Bong
Pitch Black
Zer0 0ne

I hope someone finds a few of these they've never heard and find them enjoyable! (OK, I guess it grew to more than a "couple")
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Quiet Village - Silent Movie

Ultramarine - Every man and woman is a star

Hefner - Residue

For me though the kings of the electronic soundscapes are still FSOL and The Orb.Bought the remastered UFOrb and it is just superb.Wish FSOL would remaster Lifeforms.
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I don't care. This goes here.
Jun Seba aka Nujabes, Rest In Peace

RIP. He was an amazing producer.
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