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SoundMAGIC HP100's

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Interesting you bring that up, I was actually looking at that headphone but ruled it out cuz of ear cup depth. Same for the Fisher Audio FA-003.
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I have small-but-sticky-out ears, I have no problem, though I think that were my ears a smidgeon bigger I might. Should you find similar cans you might want to try pairing them with th FiiO E18 Kunlun
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Thanks for the tip I'll be sure to check it out.
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My favourite cans that I own are the HP100's, unfortunately due to my own mistreatment the plastic holding the let cup broke and now I can't get a proper seal and they are somewhat uncomfortable. Before this happened the combination of those and the FiiO E18 was the greatest thing that had happened to me since moving from the Skullcandy Aviators to the AKG K141-MKII's. Dead silent background, deep controlled bass and airy detailed treble and very close to nuetral. IMO it's very good pairing. Further improved when the E18 is being used as an amp for the ODAC.


As to the depth issue, I read teh the HM5 earpads work well with the HP100's, but I have not heard this setup for myself so YMMV.


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I didn't know the earpads were removable, That would be awesome if it increased the comfort to a certain degree. Do the cups rotate side to side or just up and down?

Oh and best downtempo album for me is World of Sleepers by CBL. It was one of the albums that got me into the genre and has been my fav ever since smily_headphones1.gif
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Androcell's Efflorescence also a great Listen.
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In this search you have many discussions about pads on the HP100/HP150's.


Out of the newer comers to the Downtempo scene I would like to re-endorse Hinkstep's latest My Forest Queen


Also of the later comers:


And a facebook page run by me and 2 friends: Auditory Relaxation


A great page run in part by one of the owners of Aleph Zero Records is Chill Space


Another good page is pSycHill

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Thanks for the help! Reading about that deep subbass in the HP100 is making it a very tempting option for a full size set up.
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Originally Posted by MrLazyAnt View Post

Bumping this thread in the hopes somebody contributes (or just gets a chance to discover the vast amount of gems within its' pages)

 Please contribute more Mr.LazyAnt. Wow - Benji Vaughan .. That was something special. Have any more gems along this grain? 

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Nothing Benji-like springs to mind, but in this post (seriously like.... 3 posts up) there are links to three Facebook pages which have a variety of different downtempo electronica selections.


Here are some suggestions which MAYBE come close-ish to Benji Vaughan:

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