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No ones mentioned 

ISHQ-orcid/soma/and awake

Capsula-sense of a drop

Master Margherita-hippies with gadgets/the marginal rules

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Originally Posted by SpudHarris View Post


You won't be dissapointed. Both Squirsier and I have all the Ultimae releases, just quality.


Aes Dana - Solar Fields - Carbon Based Life Forms - Asura - I Awake - James Murray - Circular - Hol Baumann - Sync24 etc.... :)


Can anyone recommend a good IEM for this type of music?  I am a new audiophile and would like something to best play Ultimae Records type music.  Right now I'm using the MEElectronics M6.  I would like to spend around $100.  I like the over-ear style like the M6, but not a must.

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Great great downtempo/Jazzy hiphop (trip-hop) by the one and only Mark Farina.
Sit back, relax, light it up, and unwind yourself.
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Something fresh, something new: Dynooo - Mesh N2 Air



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There is a new Twisted rec. album out there by Benji Vaughn called Even Tundra. I'm not sure it QUITE fits into downtempo but I am thoroughly enjoying it. Here is one track out of it; Everything in Colour


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Bumping this thread in the hopes somebody contributes (or just gets a chance to discover the vast amount of gems within its' pages)

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Originally Posted by MrLazyAnt View Post

Bumping this thread in the hopes somebody contributes (or just gets a chance to discover the vast amount of gems within its' pages)

well i found this guy on youtube




mrsuicidesheep is so good...

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http://globular.bandcamp.com/album/digging-building - 27 Minutes of Psydub. Excellent stuff. Fast rising artist, and with good reason.

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Symbion Project - Immortal Game [10th anniversary redux]



Symbion Project aka Kasson Crooker's Immortal Game has always been one of my all-time favorite downtempo albums.

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here's the end of my "R"s Ru-Ry


Ruxpin hasn't been mentioned, at least recently.  IDM, electronica, downbeat



rykard, channeling his inner BoC.  the entire album "Arrive the Radio Beacon" is excellent


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http://mysticsound.bandcamp.com/album/ethneomystica-vol-1-free-download - An awesome compilation, name-your-price (no minimum).

Featuring Yggdrasil, Vlastur, Chronos, Slackbaba and a few more


Really a worthwhile listen.

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Can anyone suggest a good headphone+amp combo that would work well with this type of music? I'm thinking something with the deep tight bass of a closed back and the airy resolving capabilities of an open back while having decent note weight for some midrange fullness.
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